Embassy Diplomatic Mail & Cargo Services – We’re Airfreight Security Approved

Spratt Personal Shipping are the best Irish company for handling embassies freight work!

We at Spratt Personal Shipping can provide the Dublin based embassies a professional and cost efficient service and are well known for our knowledge with embassy handling. This service was set up in the 90’s in conjunction with the various airlines at Dublin Airport for embassies to receive their diplomatic mail, shipments etc. from wherever they require – from and to home etc., and worldwide. By providing this service for the Dublin based embassies, they aren’t tying their staff to chasing consignments, going to customs and collecting the freight from the different airlines and handling agents in Dublin Airport. We do every bit of this for them freeing up staff to do more practical work with the embassies.

When a consignment arrives in for the embassy in Dublin, Ireland, we collect the shipping papers, clear the goods through customs and then deliver to the Irish based embassy all in the same day. We can take care of both your embassy export and import freight shipping whether it’s mail bags, large boxes, pallets, cargo, luggage or parcels.

All our staff are trained in and familiar with the procedures and are fully aware of the level of security required to handle valuable embassy diplomatic cargo and mail. We provide a highly trained and secure service ideally suited to handling your embassy mail and cargo arriving into Dublin, Ireland.

Contact Spratt Personal Shipping for an Embassy Diplomatic Mail and Cargo Shipping / Handling Quote today for a super quick response! Or if you want to contact us by email by clicking the link provided or phone us at +353 1 8527100