Affordable Shipping Services for Students

Affordable Shipping Services for Students

Spring can be a hectic time for students. They have end of the year exams looming, and for those who are studying abroad and even those who are in Ireland but far from home, it’s also almost time to pack up and go home for the summer. Students are usually on a tight budget, so they really need to find the best deals for affordable shipping services.

Students from overseas who are studying in Ireland will need to send their clothing, books, souvenirs and other items home either by surface or air freight. If they don’t have much to send, the price difference will be less and the speed of air freight might be worth the extra cost. But if they are sending a lot of stuff, especially books and other heavy items, surface freight will save them a significant amount of money. It will, however, take longer. Depending on the destination, it could be a couple of days for air freight versus a few weeks for surface. 

Those who just need to get their things from one part of Ireland to another won’t have wait long or pay much for a delivery, which will be surface shipping. Using shipping services for students can make the move back home much easier. You don’t have to worry about hauling your things to the bus or train station, finding space for them or something happening to them along the way. You won’t be trying to cram everything and everyone into someone’s car. 

How Shipping Services for Students Work

Spratt Personal Shipping offers door to door service. That means that students without a car don’t have to worry about how to get a bunch of heavy boxes to a collection point. We’ll collect them from your student accommodation and delivery them to your family home – or wherever you want them to go.

All you have to do is pack your belongings. You can use suitcases, plastic storage boxes, duffel bags or clean, sturdy cardboard boxes. Free cardboard boxes from the grocery store are tempting, but risky. They are usually contaminated with traces food and damaged by use or exposure to damp. Even on a short trip, these issues can lead to your belongings being damaged.

Fragile items such as glassware, pottery and delicate fabrics must be protected by being wrapped well with clean packing materials. You can use towels and bedding or bubble wrap or packing paper. Most people wind up using a combination of those. Avoid newspaper because the ink can stain some items. 

Getting a quote for affordable shipping for students is easy. It won’t eat into your study time as you prepare for those end of year exams. Just call Spratt Personal Shipping and our experienced staff can explain which options will best fit your budget. Whether you need to send items across the world or just across Ireland, we offer an excellent service at student-friendly prices.