What Are The Best Car Shipping Practices When Moving Abroad?

You car is valuable so why wouldn’t you use the best car shipping practices when you’re moving abroad? Changing location doesn’t mean that you have to leave everything behind. Quite the opposite, sometimes the comfort of having something familiar like your favourite furniture or vehicle could make all the difference in moving to a foreign place.

It’s not easy making a new place home, but we have compiled some of the best tips and tricks to improve your car shipping experience. It’s not easy starting over again in a new country. Having your car at your disposal from the beginning of the move can make a big difference in settling in. It takes time to figure out how public transport works in a new country. It takes effort to carry groceries home when you’re tired from moving. Moving home furnishings into your new place will also benefit from having a vehicle to facilitate the move. Not to mention you’ll want to explore your new place of living and not everywhere is accessible on foot.

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Acquire A Second Set of Keys

This is a crucial step if you do not already have a set of spare keys. You never know what could happen when you’re moving and having a spare set of keys is a security measure that should never be looked over. What happens if you lock your keys in your vehicle? It’s the little things that allow you to better protect your car during shipping.

Service Before Car Shipping

It’s best to be aware of any maintenance issues before shipping your to your new destination. It takes time to settle in and find a mechanic that you trust with something as precious as your car. It’s better to be safe than sorry and use a mechanic that you’re familiar with to check the battery life, mileage and record any mechanic issues that the car might have. It’s also crucial to check that all fluids leveled and to make sure the tires are properly inflated. These little details make a big difference to the health of your car.

Wash Your Car

While not mandatory, it’s always nice to find a nice clean car on the other side of the journey. It’ll be one less thing that you need to worry about upon arrival. By taking small steps before the big move you’ll be able to save yourself some additional work in the long run.

Having a car can help make your experience living abroad a more pleasurable one from the start. Thinking about shipping your car but not sure where to begin? Trust the experts at Spratt Personal Shipping to help you along every mile of the journey.

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