What Are Personal Shipping Services?

realocating shipping personal itemsEveryone knows that international shipping companies move products around the world, from where they are manufactured to all of the places they are sold. We have a global economy, and international shipping is the engine that keeps it running. But not as many people know about the personal shipping services available.

International shipping companies don’t all work exclusively for commercial clients. Some, including Spratt Personal Shipping, also offer a range of services to individuals who need to get things from here to there around the world. Here are some of the personal shipping services we offer.

Parcel Delivery Services

Big companies aren’t the only ones who want to send things overseas. People send care packages to their children and grandchild studying or working abroad. Christmas and birthday parcels are a lovely way to show family and friends in other countries that you remember them. And grandparents who have retired and moved overseas love to get artwork and crafts from the youngest members of the family. When you want to send something more personal than a gift ordered online, personal shipping services allow you to put an assortment of items into one parcel. Locally made crafts and foods they can’t get where they make fantastic gifts for those overseas, whether they are away for a year or have relocated.

Excess Baggage Shipping

Even if you are moving solo and not bringing any household goods, it isn’t easy to leave the country with just a couple of suitcases. If you are moving overseas and want to bring more, you can send it with personal shipping services. International shipping companies can reunite you with your favourite exercise equipment, books, kitchen gadgets and all the clothes and shoes you can’t fit in those couple of suitcases. Shipping your items separately also makes it so much easier to get through the airport. Take the stress out of travel by only bringing the essentials and sending the rest.

Household Goods Shipping

If you are relocating overseas permanently or long-term, you might have furniture, tools, children’s toys, dishes and pans, bedding and more you want to bring with you. International shipping companies offer options from a whole container to a few boxes for your household move. You can even use just part of a container if you have more than will fit in several boxes, it is worth looking into shipping containers for your move. Bringing your furniture with you means you don’t have to go shopping for new things and your new place feels more like home right away.

Spratt Personal Shipping offers the full range of personal shipping services, whether you want to send a birthday present or furniture for a whole house. Not all international shipping companies offer personal shipping, but it is a core part of our business. We can get your items there safely and quickly. Contact us today to learn more.