Tips for Shipping Clothing Internationally

Tips for Shipping Clothing Internationally

If you are planning an overseas move, you are probably taking a long, hard look at your possessions and deciding what to take and what to bring to the local charity shop. But one thing we all tend to bring when we move is our clothing. Some items might not suit the climate where you’re heading, but probably you aren’t planning to start over in a new country with only the outfit you wear leaving Ireland! So if you are wondering about the best tips for international shipping for clothing, read on.

Save Money & Protect the Planet when Shipping Clothes 

It can be a delicate balance saving money and saving the earth while still ensuring that your clothing and other belongings get from A to B safely. 

One of the first things to consider is what you are going to put your clothes in for shipping. It is tempting to use some old boxes from the grocery store. They’re free and it is reusing something. But anything that held food, or sat next to food, is probably contaminated with trace amounts of food residue or moisture that could damage your clothing in transit. Some better options are to find used suitcases and plastic storage boxes, which can be easily cleaned. Try your local freecycle or give and take page or charity shops. 

If you are bringing breakable items such as dishes, pottery, vases, glassware, ceramics, etc, you can use your clothes, bedding and towels as packing material. That keeps plastic out of the waste stream and money in your pocket, while also giving your belongings excellent protection. Just be sure to clean and dry everything thoroughly first.

How to Pack Your Clothes

When you are packing for an international move, space is at a real premium. Every centimetre matters. How you pack your clothing depends a bit on what type of clothing it is. 

Generally, tightly rolling clothing is the best. This method is excellent for jeans, leggings, t-shirts, and other thin fabrics. It’s less great for bulky items such as a jumpers or winter coats. And it isn’t good for formal wear either. Bulk items are best folded, and they can be great padding for boxes of fragile items. You can start a box with a layer of jumpers, then add your well-wrapped fragile things putting rolled up t-shirts between them, and finish with a top layer of jumpers or hoodies.

Formal wear such as gowns and tuxedos are the exceptions. These are more easily damaged and merit a different approach. Ideally, you will line a garment bag with acid-free paper and place the clothing (on a hanger) into it. You’ll need a large box that can fit the garment without folding it. Place the garment bag into the box and ensure it is surrounded by bubble wrap. You can fit more than one garment bag in a box, but don’t put more than one outfit in a garment bag.

When you need to ship clothing internationally, contact us at Spratt Personal Shipping. We can help you find the shipping solution to fit your budget and timeline. Get in touch to speak with our experts.