Transport Yourself in a Porsche at Mondello Park!


Have you ever wanted to get away from it all… at high speed? Normally at Spratt, we’re part of making your dreams come true by delivering your prized possessions to your new home when you start a new life abroad. But now we’re looking to make one lucky person’s dream come true while they simply drive around and around in a circle right here in Ireland. Of course, it isn’t any old circle. It’s Mondello Park. And you’ll be driving a Porsche.

Spratt Logistics is giving away a Supercar Experience to one Facebook follower. All you need to do is like our Facebook page and our pinned post about the competition. Two clicks and you’re in with a chance to zoom around Mondello Park in a spectacular shiny Porsche. And if you follow our page, you’ll get all kinds of tips and information about making a big move and how we can make it easy for you.

What’s a Supercar Experience?

You might have had some super car experiences, but this is Ireland’s only Supercar Experience. You’ll start with some training, and then get behind the wheel of a Porsche supercar. An instructor will join you, but you’ll be the one with your foot on the pedal. There’s no speed limit, no traffic and no other feeling quite like it. If you’ve ever dreamed of driving a race car, this could be your big chance to make it happen.

Modello Park is Ireland’s only FIA licensed motor racing circuit. Opened in 1968, it is also home to an amazing museum of sport and race cars. It’s a car lovers’ paradise, right outside Naas, County Kildare.

Have you always suspected that you are built for speed? When you’re circling the carpark looking for a spot, are you secretly dreaming of flying around the race track? You might be just two clicks away from really doing it. Go see Spratt Logistics on Facebook. All you have to do is like our page and like our pinned post about this Mondello Park Supercar Experience competition. We’ll announce the winner on March 28st. (Terms and conditions apply.)