3 Things You Get When You Move


Travel broadens the mind, they say. Often we travel because a job or study opportunity has great pull. Of course, this country has a history of people travelling abroad because of the push of a bad economy. And through good times and bad, some of us simply have itchy feet. The pull is simply the adventure. It’s pure wanderlust. But whatever the reason for our decision to live abroad for a short time or indefinitely, it provides three key benefits. Okay, there are more! But the others are more specific. These three are nearly universal.

1.   Your Career

Spending time abroad, whether it is for work or study, impresses employers. It shows them that you are a curious, motivated person who has seen more than one way to do things. Employers like that. It makes you stand out in that pile of CVs, even if the work you did was not relevant to the position you are seeking.

2.   Your Confidence

It isn’t easy to go abroad. It’s fun and rewarding. You’ll make amazing memories. But it is also a major challenge. And doing it will give you a confidence boost that will have a knock-on effect on your career and personal life. Every time you challenge yourself and act with a bit of courage, you become a bit more confident. And spending a significant, non-holiday amount of time abroad provides plenty of large and small opportunities to challenge yourself.

3.   Your Mind

Yes, it will broaden your mind. In many ways. You will learn to navigate cultural differences and find common ground with different people. Your understanding of human nature will deepen. Odds are you will return home a more patient and compassionate person. And all of that mental stretching is actually good for your brain. Experts tell us that learning a new language improves brain health and staves off age related cognitive problems, so it seems reasonable to expect a bit of that same benefit from learning a new culture.

No doubt you’ll have more specific and personal goals for your period of work or study abroad. You’ll go to learn a language or a set of skills. Or maybe you’ll go primarily to earn some money. But you will come back with a deeper knowledge of yourself and of others. Your career, your confidence and your mind will benefit. Enjoy it!

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