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Something About Singapore Expats

When we think of English-speaking countries with lots of Irish immigrants, we often think of the USA, Canada and Australia. Sometimes we even remember that our nearest neighbour has been a popular destination for generations. But today, one of the hottest destinations for Irish people looking for a different experience abroad is Singapore. And yes, Read More >

What about Winnipeg?

If you’ve enjoyed the recent winter weather and are thinking about a future in Canada, Winnipeg might be the place for you. Canada has increased the number of visas available for Irish citizens, and if you considering moving to Canada, you should learn a little about Winnipeg. This modest city doesn’t get as much attention Read More >

Tempted by Toronto?

Has Canada’s recent decision to allow more visas for Irish people got you thinking? If you are looking at possibilities in Canada, think about Toronto. If you like cities, this is one of the biggest and best. Toronto is growing, and that means increasing opportunity. It usually ranks high on any list of most liveable Read More >