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Relocating: What to Know about Shipping Personal Items

Relocating overseas has never been easier. Today, you can get an incredible amount of detailed information about where you’d like to live from your phone or another mobile device. You can read local papers, study detailed maps, join online groups and see photos. You can look for work or for a home online, find restaurants Read More >

Moving to Santiago, Chile

South America generally does not fare well in surveys of the most liveable places in the world. Many cities in that continent have serious problems with crime and political instability as well as poverty. But it would be a mistake to dismiss an entire continent on generalizations. Moving to Chile is a far safer option Read More >

What about Winnipeg?

If you’ve enjoyed the recent winter weather and are thinking about a future in Canada, Winnipeg might be the place for you. Canada has increased the number of visas available for Irish citizens, and if you considering moving to Canada, you should learn a little about Winnipeg. This modest city doesn’t get as much attention Read More >