5 Reasons for Moving to Quebec

Moving to QuebecIf you are moving to Quebec, you’re heading for one of the happiest places in Canada. A 2016 poll rated Quebec the happiest province in Canada. This wasn’t always the case. A generation ago, Quebec residents were decidedly less happy than most other Canadians, but experts tell us that the city has experienced what they are describing as a ‘happiness revolution’. That’s a good enough reason for moving to Quebec. 

So if you’ve landed a job or a university place in Quebec and are packing up your belongings for shipping from Ireland, what awaits you in one of Canada’s happiest places?

How did the experts measure happiness? Apparently, great nightlife, a fantastic array of restaurants and a soaring career trajectory are not the yardsticks of measuring a happy city – although you can find all of this by moving to Quebec. What really makes people happy is a sense of connection with their community, some leisure time and a comfortable home where they can retreat. And this is all on offer in Quebec.

Top Reasons for Happiness

Anyone moving to Quebec will discover their own personal reasons to be happy there, but here are five that rank high on most lists.

Quebec is safe

Quebec is a very safe place to live. Montreal police reported a decrease in the number of homicides between 2012 and 2016 with the actual number of murders dropping from 35 to 23 in the city.

Access to the great outdoors

Between the provincial and federal park systems, the province boasts no fewer than 30 stunning parks. Many people are drawn to Canada for its spectacular scenery and the opportunity to be out in nature hiking and skiing. If you are moving to Quebec, even if you live in Quebec City or Montreal, you will have easy access to the great outdoors. So do include all of your camping gear, ski equipment and hiking accessories in your shipping from Ireland.

A beautiful city

While Canada’s small towns score high on happiness, Quebec’s cities are also pretty beautiful places to live. With Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world, overlooking the city, the bar is high for Quebec City, where the original ramparts are still in place surrounding the city centre. Montreal features the dazzling Notre Dame Basilica, the very modern Pointe-á-Calliére museum and an array of art deco and Gothic revival buildings.

Income Equality

One of the more abstract reasons people in Quebec are among the happiest in Canada is that they have less income inequality than the rest of Canada. Overall, income inequality increased in Canada between 2005 and 2015. While New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island fare better, Quebec scores just below them when Canada’s provinces are ranked.

Strong sense of self

Another abstract factor for Quebec’s overall happiness is a strong regional identity. This province has a history, language and culture distinct from the rest of Canada, and people are very proud of it.

Don’t forget to include your French English dictionary and those French grammar books from school in your shipping from Ireland! Although pretty much everyone in there speaks English, you will need passable French to really participate and join in the region’s joie de vivre if you are moving to Quebec. 

If you would like some help with moving to Quebec, just drop us a line.