Is 2019 the Year to Be a Digital Nomad?

is 2019 your time to become a digital nomad?

The price of housing in Ireland is going from unreal to tragic. It isn’t possible for most renters in cities to save for a down payment on a home while also paying rent. Moving back in with the parents isn’t an option for everyone. And it is a very frustrating option for those who are itching to get out and live life. For some adventurous souls, the answer is to spend a year or two as a digital nomad. The life of a digital nomad, working remotely via the internet and moving around when the urge strikes, sounds romantic and amazing. But it isn’t something to dive into unprepared. Like everything, good research and preparation are the foundations of success.

If you are interested in spending some time travelling and working and you have the right skills, you can have an incredible adventure. The digital age means your options for seeing the world while earning go far beyond agricultural work, teaching English or being a nurse or doctor. But to know if you should start packing up your belongings and arranging for personal shipping from Dublin, you need to consider a few questions.

Is the Digital Nomad Life for You?

Of course, once you land in a new location you’ll have more like three thousand questions about how to make all the details work. But these three questions are the big ones to figure out before you send your personal shipping from Dublin and go.

  1.       Do you have the right work skills and the right position? Do you need to be in a specific location to do your job? Or can you work anywhere with a reliable wifi connection? Are you self-employed? If so, have you built up a solid client base that can withstand some major life transition? Starting your own business or developing a freelance career takes all of your energy, which means it is extremely difficult to do while you are also learning the ropes of life in a new country and culture. If you are an employee already working remotely, does your employer have any concerns?
  2.       Are you cut out for this adventure? Living abroad for six months is not like an extended holiday. You need language skills and a willingness to keep learning. You need to have the self-confidence to enjoy learning a new culture the hard way. If you can roll with the punches and love trying new things, you might love being a digital nomad. But if you get cranky when you don’t have your preferred brand of tea, this is not your cuppa. Flexibility is the key thing. No matter how prepared you are, settling into a new culture is full of surprises.
  3.       Where will you go? Reliable internet is essential, which does rule out many otherwise amazing and affordable destinations. If you are an Irish citizen, you can try your luck anywhere in the European Union. You do have other options around the world too, and you would be wise to research them thoroughly before you pack up your belongings and dispatch them via personal shipping from Dublin. Cost of living is a major factor, especially if housing prices are a factor in your decision. Consider other key quality of life issues such as health care, personal safety, climate and culture too.