Best Moving Boxes for Overseas Shipping

Relocating to another country for work, study, retirement or other reasons involves a lot of choices. Where will you go? What type of housing do you want? What’s the best option for shipping personal items? Even packing your things can pose some big questions. But what kind of moving boxes are best?

You want moving boxes that will protect your belongings in transit. It’s also good if they are affordable and environmentally responsible. The two main options for moving boxes are cardboard and plastic. Each has pros and cons.

Cardboard moving boxes

Why Use Cardboard Moving Boxes for Overseas Shipping?

Cardboard boxes range from the used ones you can often get for free from the grocery store to sturdier ones sold specially for shipping personal items. The one thing they have in common is that, unless they are soiled by spillage, they are recyclable. That is a real plus. When you are moving house, avoid the thinner, free ones that have already been used. They aren’t going to protect your belongings very well. But if you put out the word, you might be able to get good cardboard boxes for moving from others who have recently moved to your town or people who have recently purchased something that came in a good cardboard box. This can save money, but remember cardboard isn’t waterproof. It’s also harder to stack and more likely to get damaged in transit. Cardboard boxes are great when you are moving locally, but be very careful about using them for an international move.

Pros and Cons of Using Plastic Moving Boxes

We all know by now that plastic has caused massive problems for our planet. Cheap boxes made of thin plastic are a disaster for moving. They are likely to break, damaging your possessions and our planet. Stronger plastic boxes, however, offer real benefits. First, you can sometimes find them made of recycled plastic. Second, you can use them as storage in your new home or pass them along to someone else moving. Although you might not be shipping personal items often, they should not be a single use item! They can become toy boxes or storage for seasonal items such as holiday decorations or winter coats. Plastic boxes for moving will protect your belongings from the elements and stack well. With overseas shipping, those two points count for a lot.

When you are deciding between cardboard or plastic moving boxes, consider the details of your move. Do you have a few boxes of clothes and dishes or a container of belongings? Are you making a one-way move or just relocating for a year? Avoid the lower end of the range for either type of box because cheap plastic and cheap cardboard are both likely to let you down. Cardboard is fine when you need to put a few boxes in the car to move to a new town. But if you are using overseas shipping, sturdy plastic boxes have an advantage for protecting your belongings.