How To Ship Your Bicycle Abroad

Moving abroad doesn’t have to mean letting go of your bicycle. Ship your bicycle abroad to wherever your destination may be. You don’t have to be without your ride.

Bicycle Abroad

There are several good bike shipping practices. It’s simpler than you think to protect your bicycle and prepare it for transit. The first step is to go to your local bike shop and ask them if they have any extra bicycle boxes available. The will help make sure that you have a sturdy and secure cardboard box for your bike. You can also find your own box, but ensure that it is strong enough to hold the weight of the bicycle.

What now?

  • Invest in some foam padding to protect your bicycle. It helps protect the paint job and the durability of the fragile pieces. You’ll be using this to wrap all the disassembled pieces.
  • Remove the handlebars and saddle and wrap them up in foam or bubble wrap. Secure it in place to avoid any scratches or damage.
  • Take off the pedals and cover them with foam or bubble wrap.
  • Finally remove the from wheel, most bicycles will accommodate leaving the back wheel on.

Try not to leave too much space in the box. If things have room to move around, parts may get damaged in transit. Fill the gaps with leftover foam or bubble wrap to protect the contents of the box.

When in doubt over how to get your bicycle abroad, contact the experts at Spratt Personal Shipping.