Why Retire in Portugal – Moving and Shipping to Portugal Made Easy

retiring in Portugal – shipping to Portugal with Spratt Personal Shipping

Many retirees choose to go abroad to spend the the golden years of their lives. The options are endless – especially if you are not restricted by budget. A number of countries in South America and Southeast Asia consistently make it to the top places to retire. Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and Vietnam are still popular entries on many rankings. However, while these destinations might seem appealing for a holiday, many retirees can’t picture themselves living in regions with such disparate cultures. Living relatively close to your loved ones can also weigh in the decision to move, and the thought of having to move all of your belongings to a new location can be dreadful.

Most countries in Europe have a relatively small area compared to countries in other continents, meaning a flight to a neighbouring country can easily take less time than it would to travel by land within the country. Shipping belongings becomes a no-brainer: shipping to Portugal, Italy, or even less-common destinations is incredibly simple, and shipping companies will do their best to accommodate to your needs. Some people opt to take their car with them, and a road trip through Europe with no time restrictions will no doubt sound fun to the most adventurous! However, if soaking up the sun by the seaside sounds like a better plan than a wild foray across cities, shipping your car to your doorstep can easily be arranged too. Similarly, your personal effects can be shipped directly to your new location, just like if you were simply moving to an adjacent city.

Europe is an attractive option for retirement for most EU-born individuals thanks to the ease with which you can make the transition. Any EU citizen is entitled to free movement across the area, which facilitates not only one’s initial settlement but also all their future trips. With no need to apply for a visa, sunnier countries in the south of Europe become even more appealing.

While there are many countries that tick all the boxes, one of them consistently makes it to the podium of the best countries to retire: Portugal. Despite having seen its economic growth spurt at a later stage than other countries in Central Europe, Portugal has quickly caught-up and it recently overcame a serious economic crisis, having hit its fastest economic growth rate in over 17 years just a few months ago.

Portugal has a lower cost of living than central Europe or the Scandinavia, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle on a fraction of what you might spend in your current country of residency. If you are willing to invest in property, moving abroad can actually be a smart move, as the property market also reflects the cost of living. Moreover, many governments facilitate foreign citizens’ establishment by offering financial incentives – tax exemption, golden visas, etc –, and Portugal is no exception.

A retirement in Portugal comes with perks: a public healthcare system accessible to foreign residents; a warm Mediterranean climate in most of the country with 117 annual days of sunshine; renowned cuisine and mouth-watering street-food (just watch Anthony Bourdain’s review of a simple bifana); and incredibly welcoming people, making it no surprise that Portugal ranks 12th in the ‘Finding Friends’ subindex in 2017’s Ease of Settling In Index. If you need more convincing, here is a video from Visit Portugal that will no doubt help you make up your mind.

Retiring in Portugal can be the cherry on top of the cake for those looking to hang their hats after years of hard work. If you need a hand with shipping to Portugal, our team is readily available to guide you through the necessary steps.

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