Do You Need Excess Baggage Shipping?


Sometimes, we need to bring more than the airlines like to carry. Maybe you’re taking an extended trip or even relocating abroad. Or perhaps you have lots of gifts to bring on a visit to a loved one overseas. (No one can have too much of their favourite brand of tea, crisps or chocolate, can they?)

Airlines are not flexible about their limits. What happens if you have excess baggage? Either you pay some hefty excess luggage charges or you just don’t bring it on the flight. Sometimes, even if your baggage squeaks in under the limit, you’d rather not deal with it. Who wants to be laden with luggage when sprinting to catch the second flight of your international journey? And if you are arriving at an inconvenient hour, having a mountain of suitcases with you doesn’t help.

The good news is that you can send your items separately instead of bringing them with you. This is known as excess baggage shipping.

What Is Baggage Shipment?

When you have excess baggage, you can send it with an international shipping company. You can pack your things in a regular suitcase, a duffel bag, or a sturdy cardboard or plastic box for unaccompanied baggage international shipping. Depending on your destination, schedule and budget, you can have your excess baggage sent by air, sea, land or a combination. (Excess baggage from Ireland obviously can’t go exclusively by road as this is an island.)

Some international shipping companies – including Spratt Personal Shipping – will collect your items from your door and deliver them to where you are staying at your destination. This makes it easy and convenient for you to get your things from here to there.

Need Cheap Excess Baggage Shipping?

Using an international shipping company instead of bringing your excess luggage on the plane with you saves you a lot of hassle. It can often save you some money, depending on the airline and what you are bringing with you.

To find cheap excess baggage shipping, you’ll need to phone around and get some quotes. If you pack, weigh and measure your extra bags first, you’ll get accurate quotes. People tend to have very different guesses about how large a box is or how much something weighs. Contacting different shippers means you can also ask questions about the exact services they offer. Not every company offers door-to-door service. You can also compare prices between air and surface shipping.

When you’re planning a trip and need to bring a lot of luggage with you, contact us at Spratt Personal Shipping. We can explain how our excess baggage shipping services can make your voyage easier and provide you with a shipping quote. With decades of experience in commercial and personal shipping around the world, you can trust us to get your extra baggage to you safely, quickly and conveniently.