Door to Door Shipping for Your Overseas Move

International door to door shipping can make your move much easier. Sorting out everything you own, deciding what to bring and then packing it all up is time-consuming. Bringing it all to the port yourself means spending time in traffic that you could be using to learn more about your destination or even get some rest. Door to door shipping is almost always a better option.

What Is DTD Shipping?

What does door to door mean in shipping? Door to door shipping, sometimes abbreviated to DTD shipping, means exactly what it sounds like. The international shipping company will come to your house and collect your belongings. Everything must be properly packed, labelled and ready to go.

We bring it to our secure warehouse, and we take the final steps to prepare it to go. This means weighing and measuring your shipment, wrapping it with special shipping wrap and securing it onto pallets for sea or road freight. Then we get it to the form of transportation you’ve chosen – air or surface. (Surface is the sea, road or a combination of both.)

Once your shipment arrives in its destination port, we’ll collect it and bring it to your new front door. You won’t have to battle traffic or worry about renting a van in a new country. All you have to do is unpack and settle into your new home.

Scheduling Your DTD Shipping Service

Packing up a house is a lot of work. Having a shipping company collect your shipment a few days before you leave the country gives you some time to clean out your old house before you go. That is a much easier job when the house is empty.

When you use DTD shipping, you can time things so you arrive before your belongings. Maybe you would like a couple of days to relax before your things arrive, or maybe you’ll need more time so you can find a place to live. International shipping companies can work with you to schedule your shipment to arrive at the best time for you.

Why Use Door to Door Shipping From Ireland?

Who has time for an extra trip in Dublin traffic when they’re trying to organise their international relocation? Port cities everywhere are busy, and using DTD shipping means you are not stuck in traffic worrying about getting there on time.

Spratt Personal Shipping can do that for you, and we can deliver your shipment to your new home almost anywhere worldwide. Just contact us to find out if your new destination is one where we can deliver to your door. If not, we can deliver to the nearest port and you can collect your things or arrange for shipment to your home. Our experienced staff are here to explain all the options to you.