What To Expect From Car Shipping Companies

If you are searching for ‘car shipping companies near me,’ you are probably making an international move this year and wondering how to bring a familiar, reliable vehicle with you.  Having your own car when, or soon after, you arrive means you start off with a level of independence and the ability to explore without the expense and hassle of car shopping when you have so many other things to do as you settle in. So how do you find the best car shipping company?

Getting Car Shipping Quotes

Cost is a major factor in an overseas move. Many people opt to bring their car to avoid the cost of replacing it. In addition, people want to find the cheapest way to ship a car.

Auto transport costs will vary by location and shipping method. Car transport from Ireland is going to involve sea freight. Location will also determine how much of your car’s journey is by sea and how much is by sea. Shipping your car to the UK or Malta is not the same as shipping it to Australia or India.

Getting car shipping quotes will help you find the most affordable carrier, but there are other costs to consider. Different countries have their own regulations and fees involved in importing your car for personal use. It is critical to research the country where you are going and make sure you are following all the relevant regulations.

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping

Spratt Personal Shipping secures cars in containers for transport, but vehicles must still be prepared for time in transit. You’ll need to remove everything that isn’t part of the car, such as:

·         Car seats, booster seats, back supports

·         Electronic tags for tolls, sat nav that isn’t factory-installed, charging cables

·         First aid kits

·         Roadside repair kits

·         Anything hanging from the rearview mirror

·         All those shopping bags in the boot and any personal items from the glove box

·         And yes, even whatever is lurking beneath the seats

Next, take your car to the mechanic to ensure it is in top shape for travel. Anything leaking in transit would be very destructive. The battery should have lots of life left in it, and the tyres should be properly inflated. The car should be clean inside and out.

Your fuel tank should not be full. Do not ship your car with more than a quarter tank of fuel for safety reasons.

Car Shipping Companies Near Me in Ireland?

The best car shipping company might not be ‘near me,’ but it isn’t too far away. Dublin Port is Ireland’s largest and busiest port. Most car transport in Ireland goes through Dublin Port.  

Spratt Personal Shipping has extensive experience shipping cars around the world from our location in Dublin. We’re happy to provide car shipping quotes and advise you on the cheapest way to ship a car. Contact us today if you’re considering shipping your car or motorcycle overseas.