Eco-Friendly Tips for Shipping Personal Items

Eco-friendly packing

Most of us want to be as environmentally responsible as we can, including when we are shipping personal items overseas. Moving house, whether locally or internationally, really makes it clear how easy it is to accumulate clutter and be wasteful even when we have the best intentions. It is also a great time to assess how we can improve, starting with what and how we pack for parcel delivery services.

The main steps in moving your possessions are deciding what to bring, getting rid of the things you are not bringing, and packing up the things you want to keep. Once you have the things you no longer need out of your home, you can consider what you want to send by parcel delivery services and what you might carry with you.

Paring Down

Deciding what to take and getting everything organised is the less exciting part of the process, and we all know that. That might be a good opportunity to say goodbye to your old place, remembering all the good memories made there. If you want to make a more eco-friendly move, take time to donate the usable things you are not sending via parcel delivery services. Clothing, toys, furniture and ornaments in good condition could be just what someone else needs. You can donate them to a charity shop or list them on your local freecycle page. Check with your town’s waste services to see what items such as electronics you can bring in for recycling rather than putting them in the bin.

Packing Up

When you are shipping personal items, how you pack is a big part of your environmental impact. But don’t be tempted to get used cardboard boxes from the grocery store. Those can be contaminated with food, damp or otherwise damaged. They leave your items vulnerable. Instead, contact your personal shipping provider and check if they can offer shipping boxes tailored for the items that you will ship abroad. Spratt provides a selection of shipping and pallet boxes to suit different needs.

Save some money as well as the earth by not buying plastic packing materials. You already have some great packing material in your home – your bath and tea towels, sheets, throw blankets, pillows and duvets can all be used to protect your fragile items. Bonus – you won’t have to replace these household essentials in your new location.

Before Shipping Personal Items

Start planning to avoid household waste as far ahead of your actual move as possible. Use up the food and supplies you have, and try to avoid buying more of anything than you’ll need before you go.

The final week before you move is hard. Many people try to make their last days in their old house easier by packing up their dishes and using disposable plates and cups. It’s a good idea to pack early, but instead of using disposable dishes, you could get a few cheap things at a charity shop and then just donate them back when you are leaving.

Moving into a new place is a perfect time to make new, greener habits. And you can start before you go by being eco-aware when you are shipping personal items.