Express Shipping to Canada Step by Step

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When you need express shipping to Canada or anywhere else, you need a simple process to get your items from here to there. You don’t need complicated procedures or cumbersome instructions. Because we ship to Canada daily, we know exactly what you need to know to get your parcel or shipment there quickly with minimal effort.

Spratt has extensive experience shipping goods to Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Regina, Montreal, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Halifax, Winnipeg, St. John New Brunswick and St. John Newfoundland. We can help whether you are sending a container of your furniture or just need overseas shipping for some large boxes.

If you need to get your items there urgently, we recommend our airfreight express shipping to Canada service. We dispatch shipments to Canada daily, so your items won’t be waiting around. Our overseas shipping services will get them to you right away. If your shipment is less urgent, we also operate a weekly sea freight service to Canada. It’s ideal for larger shipments such as furniture that are not needed as quickly. Whichever option you chose, you need to know that you will have a customs and handling fee to pay when you collect your goods from the airport or sea port.

How Express Shipping to Canada Works

First, you need to prepare your items. If you are using our overseas shipping services to send a box, you need to ensure it is packed properly. Use a sturdy, clean box or suitcase and adequate padding to protect your items in transit. Breakable things should not rattle around in the box. Label the box clearly with the destination and the contents, which is necessary for customs clearance. Furniture and other large items can be sent unpacked. We will palletise them at our warehouse. We will collect the items from you (or your designated agent) in Ireland and bring them to our secure warehouse.

We make express shipping to Canada as easy as possible for you. Once your items are prepared, and if necessary palletised, at our warehouse, we weigh and measure them. Then we will send you an invoice by email. We’ll also send you tracking information so you know exactly what is happening with your items while they are in transit to Canada.

Express shipping to Canada brings your items to the nearest airport. You can collect them there, and you’ll need to pay a customs and handling fee when you do. If you have any questions about how our overseas shipping services and palletised shipping work when you are sending items to Canada, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss all the details and provide you with an estimate on the costs and time frame for your items.