Getting to Know Ireland: Sights & Souvenirs

At last, Ireland is reopening! This is great news for everyone, but especially for recent arrivals. People who moved to Ireland just before the lockdown haven’t had a chance to explore and get to know this amazing island. Ireland has plenty of beautiful, historic outdoor sites to visit where it is easy to keep two metres apart from other visitors. At many of these places, you can find lovely traditional gifts to send to the folks back home with parcel delivery services. Here are five places in or near Dublin to explore safely.

  • Hill of Tara: Once the fabled seat of the High Kings of ancient Ireland, the Hill of Tara isn’t exactly a hill. It’s a collection of large earth mounds that have not been excavated. These mounds are passage tombs that date back to the late Stone Age. Standing atop them offers spectacular views of the verdant countryside. The Hill of Tara is just outside the town of Navan in County Meath.
  • Glendalough: These stunning twin lakes in County Wicklow offers magnificent hikes as well as its iconic round tower. St. Kevin founded his monastery here in the sixth century and remains of two churches, stone crosses and a fort dot this area of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Visitors should be prepared to do some real hiking to see all of the wild beauty and ancient ruins here.
  • Powerscourt: This historic ‘big house’ estate has evolved from an opulent home to a delightful destination for tourists and locals alike. Stroll through the grounds and enjoy the fabulous fountain, the Japanese garden, the Italian garden, the whimsical Pepperpot Tower folly and the walled garden. The famous Avoca shop on site is a great place to search for the perfect gifts to send home with parcel delivery services.
  • National Botanic Gardens: A breath of fresh air right in Dublin city, the National Botanic Gardens features plants from around the world. Book a guided tour to get all the details about this historic garden and its vast array of plants or just come and have a relaxed walk. The stunning Victorian glasshouse is currently closed, but you can still enjoy the structure itself if not the plants inside.
  • Glasnevin Cemetery:  More than an ordinary graveyard, Glasnevin Cemetery is the final resting place of Ireland’s pantheon of rebels and freedom fighters. It’s a walk-through who’s who of Irish history. Ireland’s tallest round tower is here honouring Daniel O’Connell. Please keep in mind that it is also a cemetery for everyone, so people are there visiting the graves of their loved ones and you might encounter a burial or cremation.

You can get to know a lot about Ireland just visiting outdoor sites where it is relatively easy to keep two meters from others. Some places have limits on the number of people permitted. Things are changing as site managers figure out the safest procedures, so it is recommended to call or check their website before visiting. If you are looking for gifts to send home with parcel delivery services, remember to ask about the gift shop in advance.