How to Pack Awkward Items for International Shipping from Dublin

How to Pack Awkward Items for International Shipping from Dublin

If you are relocating overseas either permanently or for some years, you have some big decisions ahead about what to bring. If you have large, awkward items you don’t want to part with, you might be concerned about how to pack them. Exercise equipment such as a stationary bike, an elliptical trainer, a set of kettlebells or a rowing machine can be very important for our wellbeing, but also quite awkward to pack. Or maybe it isn’t exercise equipment you want to bring. It could be a piece of furniture or artwork or kitchen equipment. The key principles for safely packing awkward items are the same.

You’ll need something to wrap the item in. Depending on the size of the item and how fragile it is, that could be old towels or blankets, bubble wrap, newspaper or packing paper. Often, people find a combination of those works best. You’ll also need plenty of strong tape. The important thing is to keep your item safe while it is travelling via international shipping from Dublin to your destination.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Packing Awkward Items

This isn’t a rush job, so try to make time and clear enough space to do this right.

1.       Take some photos of the item so you can later see exactly how each part fit together when you are unpacking and reassembling it.

2.       Disassemble the item as much as is practical. For example, you might take the handrail and control panel off of a treadmill, but leave the deck intact. You should take a bicycle completely apart, but you can really only remove the handlebars and seats of some stationary bikes. If there are moving parts you cannot disassemble, pad them well and tape them securely to prevent them from moving in transit.

3.       Clean and wrap each part individually. If there are many parts, or if you are disassembling and packing more than one item, it will help to label each wrapped piece.

4.       Take note of what tools you needed because you’ll need them again to reassemble your item. If it is an Allen key specific to the item, you can pack it with the item.

5.       Pack any smaller pieces into a strong box.

6.       For items too large for a box, wrap them completely with a large moving blanket. Make sure every part is covered, and tape the blanket securely in place so it doesn’t come off in transit.

7.       Label everything with your name and contact details as well as a description of what it is.

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