7 Care Package Essentials for Students Abroad

7 Care Package Essentials for Students Abroad

So your child, best mate or other loved one is going overseas to study. It is totally normal to start missing them before they’ve even left. Sure, we have amazing options for staying connected now. Social media and video calls are wonderful when a loved one is far away. You can also send a care package a few times during the year using personal shipping services.

A parcel full of little things from home is always a delight. It satisfies cravings for foods they can’t get, and it can also be a fantastic icebreaker with new friends. Sharing those special crisps and biscuits with their favourite tea is a fun way to introduce Ireland to their new friends and host family. So what should you put in a care package for an Irish  college student studying abroad?

Use Personal Shipping Services to Deliver These Treats from Home

Everyone is different, but there are some things you just can’t get outside of Ireland. Always check the regulations before sending food – and remember that packaged goods are often easier to ship than homemade items. Here are our top recommendations for student care packages.

1.       Tea – If your student is a tea-drinker, you can be confident that in many parts of the world they will be disappointed with the local offerings. Sending a big box of their favourite Irish tea will make every morning easier for them.

2.       Crisps –People are fiercely loyal to their favourite brand of crisps. And if it is an Irish brand, they aren’t likely to find it easily in Canada, the USA, Australia or many other places. Help your student introduce their new friends to a classic bit of Irish cuisine – the crisp sandwich.

3.       Chocolate – It really does taste different in different countries even if the brand is the same because of different standards for the milk to cocoa ratio. If your student has gone further than the UK, they might be really craving some chocolate from home.

4.       Local News – Yes, you can get the big news online. But those local papers publish a lot more in their print editions than they do online. Help them stay in touch by sending the most recent copy of the local paper.

5.       Framed Photos –Once they’ve been away a bit, receiving a collage frame full of snaps of special moments with loved ones back home is really special.

6.       Toiletries –Students always have to budget carefully, so the odds are that they aren’t treating themselves to the best of the local options and will really appreciate some familiar favourite brands.

7.       County Colours – Even if they aren’t massive GAA fans, everyone tends to get sentimental about their home county. A scarf, hat, flag, water bottle or anything practical with their county colours is a good bet for a university student care package.

When you need to send a care package to a student abroad, Spratt Personal Shipping makes the process easy. Why not call us today to talk about using our personal shipping services to deliver the goods to your student overseas?