How to Pack Your Bicycle for Overseas Shipping

How to Pack Your Bicycle for Overseas Shipping

A bicycle is not an easy thing to pack, but it is a very handy item to have with you in a new place. Cycling is a great way to explore new destinations. It’s a quick, eco-friendly and affordable way to commute to work or school too. When you’re driving in a new place, watching for signs and focusing on different driving rules can get overwhelming, but the slower pace of a bicycle means you can take in your surroundings better. It’s also easier to stop and ask for directions or find a map on your phone. But first, you’ll want to learn the best way to pack a bicycle for international shipping.

You’ll need a very sturdy box large enough to fit your bike. The best option is to get one from a bicycle store. They might have cardboard ones they’ll give away, but if you travel often and like to have your bike with you, it is worth investing in a bike travel case or bag. The bags are padded to protect your bike. You can fill the box with packing materials.

Preparing Your Bike for International Shipping

When you are packing anything, you want to be sure it is clean and dry. Bicycles are outside getting dirty and wet all the time, so it is extra important to take the time to clean and dry them thoroughly before you start packing them. A bike that goes from Ireland via overseas shipping to another country dirty and wet will arrive rusty and damaged. Let a bit of air out of the tyres too when you pack your bike for international shipping.

How to Pack Your Bicycle for Overseas Shipping

The best way to pack your bike for shipping is to disassemble it. You might need a couple of small tools such as an Allen keys and a spanner. You’ll also need some space for this. First, remove any accessories such a water bottle holder, lights, basket, etc. Those can be packed separately.

Remove the seat and post, the pedals, the handlebars, and the front wheel. Before you attempt to remove the pedals, ensure that the chain is on the small chain ring and the largest rear cog. Wrap each part well with bubble wrap, or if you want to use less plastic, with old towels or blankets. Also wrap up the frame carefully. You can use foam tubing for this. You can place an appropriately sized block of wood or similar between the front fork. (That’s the two bars that hold the front wheel.)

You’ll also need to get some freight quotes to find out what you should pay for shipping a bike overseas. When you call Spratt Personal Shipping, you’ll get a great quote and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about shipping your bike with our international shipping service. Our years of experience mean we have the expertise to get your bike safely to wherever you’re going. Then you can explore at your own pace, free of worries about insurance or fuel costs.