Affordable International Shipping for Paddy’s Day

In March, the joy of being Irish extends around the world. People with any hint of Irish heritage embrace it, along with those who simply enjoy Irish culture, and celebrate. For Irish people living abroad, it is a great day to share their culture with their new friends. If you have family or friends living overseas, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to send some love from home – especially some goodies they can share. International shipping from Ireland can get your parcels anywhere in the world, whether your loved ones are just next door in the UK or as far away as Australia.

Your loved ones might be in a big city with a large Irish population like Boston or New York, or they might be somewhere with few or no Irish resources available. But either way, you can brighten their Paddy’s Day with things they just can’t get locally. Affordable shipping services make it easy to send a parcel anywhere without spending too much.

Preparing Your Paddy’s Day Parcel

If your friends and family afar haven’t mentioned what they miss most, it is no harm to ask them. Or you can look online to see if things you know they enjoy are available in their new home. For most destinations, it is fine to send reasonable quantities of packaged foods such as biscuits, chocolate, crisps and tea. Never send perishable foods by international shipping, and always check the regulations of the country in question.

Here are some ideas about what you can send.

·         They probably can’t get their favourite snacks, and some things are just different (okay, much better!) in Ireland. Tea and chocolate top the list of things that are hard to replace abroad, but crisps and certain biscuits are also on it. Digestive biscuits aren’t found in American grocery stores, for example.

·         The local paper has all the details of news that they can’t get online. Sitting down with an actual paper is just more relaxing than scrolling for local news on your phone anyway.

·         Maybe their favourite local band has a new CD out. They might be missing those nights listening to them at the local pub, but sending a CD is the next best thing.

·         Books are heavy, but choosing the right affordable shipping from Ireland makes it feasible to send a local history book or a gorgeous coffee table book with photos of their favourite places back home.

·         In the excitement of looking ahead to new adventures, it is easy to overlook packing things that remind you of home. What would remind your loved ones that they’ll always be connected – maybe a flag with their county colours or a t-shirt?

Whenever you are packing things for international shipping from Ireland, remember to use a sturdy box in good condition. Be wary of free used ones from the local shops as they might have traces of food that can rot along the way. And if you have any questions about affordable international shipping, just contact the experts at Spratt Personal Shipping. We’re happy to help.