Improve Your International Move with Personal Shipping

Improve Your International Move with Personal Shipping

Moving overseas can be both the most exciting and the most exhausting thing you’ll ever do. It’s easy to find romanticized accounts of adventure abroad and tales of woe full of homesickness and culture shock. But what people really need to know before they pack up and go is how to make the hard parts easier. And one key tool for that is personal shipping.

International shipping companies can move anything from your entire house to a care package of goodies from home. Knowing what you need in advance can soften some of the hard parts of moving abroad. So what are the hardest parts of moving overseas and how can you use personal shipping to help you make them easier?

What to Do about the 3 Hardest Things 

Overall, moving abroad is a fantastic experience. You’ll grow and change and discover strengths you didn’t realise you had. But it does help to be prepared for the hard parts. If you know what to expect, they won’t be that hard after all.

  1. Once the novelty wears off and the feeling of being on an extended holiday fades away, homesickness can set in. Everything is different – grocery stores, traffic and parking laws, banking – so a simple task can be frustrating and time-consuming. You’ll have days when you just want to go home. But you can’t. So what can you do? When you are planning your personal shipping, think about what brings you comfort. Pack your favourite throw blanket, framed photos and foods. Arrange with a loved one to send you a care package of tea, biscuits and crisps six months after you’ve left so you have a fresh supply – and because getting a parcel is always fun!

  2. Most of us who move overseas are surprised at which of the friends back home disappear and which ones feel just as close. You might be hurt that some people who were once very close to you just don’t do long-distance friendship well. But others are great at it, and you’ll feel as close as when you saw them almost every day. Social media and video chats are amazing ways to stay in touch, but you can do something even better. Use personal shipping to send back some of the fun new things in your new place – souvenirs and packaged foods really give them a sense of what you are enjoying.

  3. Making friends is hard once you are out of school. No matter how friendly and welcoming the culture is, people everywhere tend to have their social lives settled by their late 20s. It can be lonely, especially at holidays. You’ll need to think about how to get out and meet local people who share your interests and attitudes. When you’re putting those must-have snack items in your personal shipping, include some extras to share with your new friends. Sharing a snack from home with co-workers or teammates or neighbours is a great ice-breaker.

International shipping companies can do more than just move your furniture when you relocate. Personal shipping services can help you maintain a tangible connection to home. Contact us today to learn how we can help you moving and getting ready for your new adventure.


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