Packing Toys for Parcel Delivery Services

Packing Toys for Parcel Delivery Services

Santa Claus has the ultimate delivery system for toys with his magic sleigh and reindeer. He never worries about breakage, extreme cold or regulations for overseas shipping. While it is slightly more complicated for the rest of us, we all want to bring a little of Santa’s joyful magic to children we love in the form of Christmas presents. It’s easy enough when you live nearby or are travelling for the holidays. But many of us rely on parcel delivery services to get our gifts to the little ones we love who are far away. That’s where Spratt Personal Shipping comes in. As much as we’d love to, we can’t deliver your items with a sleigh pulled by flying deer. We have to use planes, boats and trucks. So we offer you a few tips to ensure a safe journey for those soon-to-be-loved toys.

Plenty of Padding

If anything you are sending it breakable, make sure it is padded well. Can anything else in the package such as cuddly toys, throw blankets or clothing help pad the fragile items? Parcel delivery services are so busy this time of year, it makes sense to be extra careful.

Beware of Batteries

If you are sending toys or electronics that use batteries by overseas shipping, be aware they can pose a danger. Check the regulations in the receiving country. Some will limit the number of batteries per package. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you ensure everything gets under the tree without incident.

Sending Snacks

Christmas is a time for traditional homemade treats, but sadly, those do not ship well. Why not send them store-bought goodies they can’t get locally and write some of your family recipes in a notebook for them? That’s a very personal gift they will enjoy every year.

Delicate Details

Customs can be real spoilsports when it comes to surprises. While Santa can go over their heads – literally – the rest of us using non-magical overseas shipping have to say what is in our packages and the approximate value. However, we don’t have to be overly specific. It’s fine to say ‘doll’ instead of spelling out which one.

Pro Planet Packaging

You can do something for the Earth this Christmas too when you use parcel delivery services. Do your loved ones have good recycling facilities where they are? If not, taking the packaging off some items and recycling it here can make a difference. Instead of wrapping paper, which can be ripped if Customs inspects your parcel, what about reusable gift bags? You can get cloth ones, and they can help pad the items in the parcel.

Parcel delivery services can spread some joy for Christmas. If you need some advice about sending something special to your loved ones overseas, please contact us. Our staff might not be elves, but they are experts at getting Christmas presents anywhere in the world.