Surviving Last Minute Packing Panic


You’ve studied the city where you are preparing to move. You have organized your flights and made endless lists. The new job, study abroad year or adventure is beckoning. And you’ve nearly finished packing when wham, you realize there’s that one item. Your bicycle. Favourite piece of bulky exercise equipment. Super comfy armchair. Pots and pans you love. Can you live without them while you are abroad? You could buy replacements when you get there. But there’s another solution. You can ship them.

Does it make sense to ship large, bulky items? The answer is… it depends. You can replace almost anything you absolutely need in most parts of the world. But there are two key questions to ask yourself when you are deciding whether to ship an item or replace it when you go abroad.

Shipping vs. Replacing Your Personal Items When You Move

The first and most practical consideration is cost. You can often research the cost of replacing an item in another city online. Never assume it will be the same price in a different area. Many factors affect the retail price of consumer goods from taxes to shipping costs to local demand. Any given item might cost considerably more or significantly less in your future home than in your current home. Consider too if it is something you would purchase second-hand. You can also find ads for second-hand things online to check the prices. You can get international shipping quotes and see if it is cheaper to ship or replace the item. When you are checking prices, make sure the items you are looking at are of the same (or better!) quality than the item you already have.

But money isn’t everything. Some items are very sentimental. Maybe you have toured Ireland on that bicycle and made fantastic memories. Perhaps that tent has housed you and your best mates on camping trips all over Europe and you want to explore the great outdoors in your new location. Sure, it’s an old armchair, but maybe you fed your baby in it every night and sang her to sleep. Somethings are worth far more than can be measured in euros.

These aren’t the only two factors. You also need to consider if the item is going to be as necessary and useful there as it is here. Will it work as well in your new location? Will it be awkward there? Are you going for a short period, a year or indefinitely? Shipping personal items is easier than many people think, and if you pick an experienced company with a great reputation, you can also get advice about how to pack the specific item from them.

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