Moving from Ireland to Poland – What to Expect

tips for moving from ireland to poland

The last 20 years have seen strong connections forged between Poland and Ireland. It began with an influx of Polish people into Ireland during the boom years, and grew into a mutual admiration. With Polish grocery stores all around Ireland and Polish newcomers endearing themselves to locals, Poland feels a lot closer than it did a generation ago. And while Ireland’s economy has struggled mightily in the last decade, Poland’s has grown without it morphing into another ‘rip-off republic’.

But what is moving from Ireland to Poland really like? Probably the first big shock is the cost of living. It’s affordable. And the health care system is excellent, accessible and also affordable. Despite those major pluses, don’t expect love at first sight. First sight is actually a bit grey. Many newcomers have a somewhat dismal first impression of Poland, but the country does grow on people.

Some of the big adjustments when you move to Poland are cultural. Polish people are far more reserved. While they are indeed very welcoming and friendly, they don’t smile and chat to strangers as much as the Irish do. Polish culture is very family-centred, and the Catholic church in Poland is particularly conservative. The attitude toward jaywalking is a good reflection of how the two cultures differ. In Ireland, no one gives a toss and people dart into the road dodging cars regularly. Don’t try that if you are moving from Ireland to Poland. It is illegal. The police take it seriously, and you will be fined.

Moving From Ireland to Poland – Key Differences

If you are moving to Poland from Ireland hoping to find work, you do need to speak Polish. This is not one of those places where you can get by because most people speak enough English. The competition for jobs is strong. While the economy has grown well for the last 20 years, it started in a very bad place.

Any international move includes some surprises. If you are expecting nothing but stodgy Soviet-era architecture, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Prepare to encounter charming, colourful traditional buildings as well as cutting-edge design. Yes, you will find amazing sausages. You’ll also find a growing vegan scene.

Try to pay in exact change when you can. Using a large bill to pay a small sum won’t win you any friends here. But happily, you won’t need a large bill to buy a few pints. That sensible cost of living extends to the pubs too.

Shipping to Poland – What to Take?

If you have noticed that your Polish neighbours handled last winter’s severe weather better than the locals, you should have an inkling of what winters are like in Poland. But it is a big country, and it includes two different climate zones. The south is warmer, and the mountains can be very cold. Include all your winter gear in your personal shipping to Poland, and expect to invest in more once you are there! The good news is that they do have a summer too. It’s humid, with highs in the low 20s, so you can put your summer clothes in your personal shipping to Poland too. They’ll be just right there.

If you’re unsure about how much you can take with you, you can request an online quote. Planning ahead of time will give you peace of mind, and more often than not it is possible to arrange for your belongings to be delivered right at the door of your new house, saving you the hassle of having to worry about it once you move from Ireland to Poland.

A comprehensive listing of cities Spratt Personal Shipping exports to is also available here. If you can’t find the city you’re moving to listed, our team is happy to help you find the best solution for your request. For practical advice on how to ship your belongings, check our dedicated page for Personal Effects and Excess Baggage.