Parcel Delivery Services & Your Overseas Summer Job


If you are going to be working overseas this summer, parcel delivery services can bring you some home comforts while you are away. Spending a summer working overseas is an amazing experience. Whether you are working in another European country, get a J1 visa to the USA, head to Australia on a working holiday visa, or find a great opportunity somewhere else, it’s great to have some of your favourite things from home with you.

Shipping personal items overseas can seem daunting at first. What can you do if you have too much to send in the post but too little for a container? Parcel delivery services fill the very large gap between those options. If you have a box or two of beloved books, bedding, sports equipment, camping gear, clothing or even a bicycle, it is indeed possible to ship it anywhere you are likely to find summer work.

Parcel delivery services can get your items to you by land, sea or air… or a combination of those, depending on where your destination is. Shipping personal items instead of trying to carry everything with you on your flight makes your travel much easier. You can go with just one suitcase and a carry on bag knowing that everything else will arrive shortly after you do. If you have to change planes, keeping your luggage to a minimum will also keep your stress to a minimum.

How Parcel Delivery Services Work

Shipping personal items is easier than you might think. All you need to do is securely box up the things you want to send, and Spratt Personal Shipping can collect them from your home or whatever location you designate. We then bring them to our secure warehouse in Dublin, and prepare them for transit. We weigh and measure your parcel, and then wrap it in extra strong shrink wrap to protect it. Then, depending on its destination, dispatch it by air, sea or road. We contact you with details, and you collect your parcel from the port or airport.

Spending a summer in a different country, having adventures and earning some money is a fantastic experience. But some people do suffer a bit of homesickness. Shipping personal items from home can help with that. Having your familiar bedding, books, sports equipment and the like can be a great comfort. You can even include a few of your favourite packaged snacks and some tea from home too. Parcel delivery services are a convenient, simple and affordable way to take a little home comfort with you when you head abroad for a summer.

Spratt Personal Shipping can help you transport your belongings to virtually anywhere in the world. Our team can help you with any question you have. Drop us a message!