What to Ask When You Need a Shipping Quote


When you are contacting international shipping companies to get a shipping quote, it is important to ask some questions. You need to know exactly what is and is not included in the quote, and what options you have for shipping your items. Not all shipping services are equal.

Whether you are shipping a parcel as a care package or gift or a container full of your household furniture, you need to understand exactly what services are included in every shipping quote you get. The questions below will help you gather the information you need to choose the right carrier from the international shipping companies you contact for a quote.

7 Questions about Your Shipping Quote

  1. Do you collect my items or do I have to bring them to you? Spratt Personal Shipping will collect your items from anywhere in Ireland, but not all international shipping companies will. When getting a shipping quote, be sure the price includes collection if that is part of the service offered.

  2. Where are they stored before shipping? What security features does your facility have? It is critical that your items are safe while they are waiting to be shipped. Spratt has a secure warehouse with 24 hour CCTV.

  3. How do you prepare my items for shipping? No matter how well you pack your items, international shipping companies should also wrap them with ultra-strong shrink wrap as Spratt does to protect them.

  4. What transport method will you use to get my items to their destination? You might have choices here, depending on the destination, and it can affect your shipping quote.

  5. How do you communicate with me while my items are in transit? What kind of tracking do you offer? You deserve to be kept up to date about your shipment’s progress toward its destination, but some international shipping companies are better than others at communicating with customers. Ask what to expect so you are not confused or disappointed by the level of communication.

  6. How and where can my shipment be collected? Some cities have multiple airports or ports, and you want to know in advance exactly where to collect your shipment and what you will need to do in terms of customs or taxes. Processes and costs vary by country.

  7. Is the quote the complete cost or are there any extra services I can opt to get? You don’t want any last minute surprises with your shipping quote, so be sure you know exactly what you are getting and what you will pay for it.

Choosing the right company to transport your shipment around the world can be stressful, but these seven questions can help you confidently make the right choice. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we are always happy to discuss any question you might have about your shipping quote and how we safely get your items from here to there. Get in touch for a Cheap Shipping Quote today for a super quick response!