Should You Send a Shipping Container Overseas to Move Your Stuff?

If you are going for a short stint abroad, it makes sense to bring as little as you possibly can. But what if you are going for years? What if you are not planning to return? In those situations, it makes sense to send a shipping container overseas to move all of your household furniture and belongings. If you are moving more than a few boxes but less than a whole house of furniture, it is harder to decide which is your best option – a shipping container or several boxes.

One very important thing to know if you consider sending a shipping container overseas is that you do not have to fill the container. Most international shipping companies will offer a less than container load shipping option. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we also offer a 20-foot container option. Standard shipping container size is 40 foot. Really, it comes down to exactly what you are shipping. If you are only bringing clothing and books, for example, shipping those in boxes makes the most sense. But most of us have a bit more than that to consider!

When to Send a Shipping Container Overseas for Your Big Move

It isn’t always easy to visualise your belongings packed up to move when they are spread all over your house and in use. But some items really are so much easier to move in a shipping container. Here are some examples of belongings that tilt the scales in favour of a shipping container rather than boxes or parcels.

  • Large pieces of furniture: From bookshelves to sofas and recliners, furniture does best in a container for overseas shipping.
  • Exercise equipment: It can be awkward and bulky, but you can simply wrap it well and pack it safely into a shipping container for a safe journey.
  • Children’s outdoor play equipment: Many of these items are very lightweight and comforting to children.
  • Patio furniture: If you’re moving to a sunnier climate, you’ll finally get value out of that gorgeous patio furniture that lives in your shed!
  • Sports equipment: Football nets, bicycles, hurleys and golf clubs are not always easy to replace, so why not bring yours?

What Not to Put in Your Shipping Container

Not everything can be sent overseas in a shipping container. Explosives, ammunition and hazardous substances are not allowed in shipping containers. While responsible international shipping companies take the utmost care for the security of your items, a shipping container is not the best option for your valuables such as jewellery, coin collections, etc. Food will spoil in transit, and countries have strict laws about the importation of plants, seeds and the like.

Before you start packing, it is vital that you ensure everything you are sending overseas in a shipping container is allowed into the country where you are going. Different countries have different rules, and it is important not to assume anything.

If you have any questions about how to send a shipping container overseas, we are here to help. Just get in touch.