Storage Vs. Personal Shipping

woman-hand-desk-officeMany international moves fall somewhere between short-term and permanent. Students might spend a few years completing a degree abroad. A career move can involve a five-year contract in another country. Retirees sometimes decide to spend several years in a warmer, drier climate and want to return home to be near family in their old age. The Central Statistics Office reported that nearly a third of the people moving to Ireland in the first quarter of 2019 were returning Irish nationals. These moves raise the question of what to do with things you want to keep. Should you put them into storage or use personal shipping to bring them with you and then bring them home again when you return?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Storage

If you chose your storage option wisely, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and sound when you return. It can mean less hassle as you settle in your new home. Often, putting your belongings into storage involves smaller payments overtime to pay for the facilities and to replace anything you need while abroad. That’s both an advantage and a disadvantage because things can change while you are away. Your income or the price could change, and it could become difficult to pay for storage. Even if you store your things with family or a friend, their situation could change in a way that makes it difficult for them to keep your items. If cost is not an issue, it can be fun to replace home furnishings and personal items with things local to your new home.

Pros of Personal Shipping

When you bring your belongings with you, you have the sense of comfort that familiar items offer. You won’t be trying to make do without your favourite kitchen tools or exercise equipment, for example, while you search for a good replacement. That can help counter any homesickness you experience. You’ll pay for your personal shipping once per shipment, instead of having an ongoing expense to plan for in your budget. And you won’t have to pay to replace your things or worry about finding the quality you are used to having. Will you have time to shop for new things or will you hit the ground running with your work or studies?

Comparing Costs of Both Options

For many of us, the cost is the deciding factor. So it is vital to make sure you are including everything when you tote up the figures for both options. You’ll need to get a shipping quote and a storage quote. You’ll need to budget for the cost of using personal shipping to send everything back to Ireland when you return too. The cost of replacing your things is a critical part of the decision too. What is the cost of comparable items? Will you be happy to make do with a lower standard of quality to save money? Could you sell the items you’ve purchased when you leave to offset the cost?

It’s not always an easy decision, but we’re here to talk you through it and answer any questions you have about using personal shipping. We can offer more insight than just a shipping quote. Why not contact us today?


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