Personal Shipping 101 for Your Overseas Move


Is an international move in the cards for you in 2020? If you’re considering relocating for work, school, retirement or just for the adventure, it is good to have an idea of what is involved in personal shipping so you can make an informed decision about what to bring with you. Whether you are interested in packing up a house full of furniture or can’t quite manage everything you want to bring in your luggage, international shipping companies can deliver your items safely to almost anywhere in the world.

How Does Personal Shipping Work?

It’s a bit like a removal company that will deliver your things overseas. You pack everything up securely, and we come to your home to collect it. We take your boxes to our secure warehouse and palletise them, wrap them with ultra-strong shrink wrap, weigh and measure them and then off they go by sea, air or road. At their destination, you can collect them from the port or airport or we can deliver them to you.

What Things Can International Shipping Companies Move?

Pretty much everything! If it is legal to ship, we can deliver it for you. International shipping companies can take large pieces of furniture, cars, motorcycles, exercise equipment, bicycles, pots and pans, dishes, books, bedding, toys, garden furniture, camping gear, office furniture and more. It doesn’t matter whether you have an entire shipping container of furniture and household items or just a single box of personal items, we can get it there quickly and safely.

How Long Does It Take for My Things to Arrive?

That’s a bit like asking how long a piece of string is! But you have options. If you want to get your items delivered asap, we can send them via air freight. Road or sea freight takes longer, but some people prefer to get there and settle a bit before their shipment arrives. And of course, it depends on where you are going! Personal shipping from Ireland can get to France faster than South Africa or China, for example. When you get personal shipping quotes, be sure to ask about your freight options to see which method meets your schedule and budget requirements.

How Can I Get a Personal Shipping Quote?

The cost of shipping your things will vary depending on how much you are shipping, where it is going and what shipping method you use. The first step to getting an accurate shipping quote is to decide what you want to bring. You don’t have to weigh each piece of furniture, but it helps if you can provide an approximate weight for your personal items such as books, clothing, dishes, bedding, etc. It isn’t easy deciding what to bring. You can always get a preliminary shipping quote based on taking everything you want to bring and then pare it down if need be.

If you have more questions about using personal shipping for an international move or would like to get a shipping quote, we’re happy to hear from you. Why not contact us today?