They’ve Got it Made in Adelaide | Moving to Adelaide, Australia

moving to adelaide becomes easier with irish australia working visa extension

Many people moving to Australia are going for a specific job, and thus don’t have a choice about where in the country to live. But students going to study in Australia and anyone going on a more flexible visa should really consider the city of Adelaide. Overall, the rates of Irish people moving to Australia have slowed in recent years. To help combat this, in October 2018, the age limit for participation in the Australia working holiday visa programme has been extended extended from 30 to 35 years, for Irish passport-holders.

Adelaide ranks well in various quality of life surveys, and compared to Sydney and Melbourne, the cost of living is reasonable. It isn’t cheap, but it does compare favourably to many other places down under. But what else does Adelaide have going for it? Why are so many people moving to Adelaide?

For starters, it’s gorgeous. Seriously. If you are moving to Adelaide, Australia, to enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful beaches, Adelaide will not disappoint. It’s a short drive to some of Australia’s most dazzling beaches. Children will be excited just by the name Moana Beach, and it’s a popular spot to bring the whole family, dogs included. Semaphore is a lovely beach, but the suburb’s art deco buildings are as much of a draw as the sand dunes. Glenelg is one of the closest beaches to the city centre, and one of the most popular for families and for shoppers who want to dive into the stylish boutiques there. Many of the beaches offer excellent surfing, so definitely include your board in your shipping to Australia from Ireland.

Adelaide is an exceptionally green city. It consistently scores highly in surveys of the world’s most eco-friendly cities. The city has a goal – and a solid plan – to become the world’s first carbon-neutral city. Having so many green areas in the city has to help with that! Moving to Adelaide is a great chance to get inspiration for reducing your own carbon footprint.

More Reasons for Moving to Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. While it is more laidback and low profile than other capitals such as Sydney or Melbourne, it is a big city with all the amenities. The population has passed the one million mark. And if you are moving to Adelaide, you needn’t worry about feeling like an outsider. About a quarter of the city’s residents were born outside of Australia.

That makes for a vibrant city full of new tastes, sights and sounds to explore. And despite the size, Adelaide is what’s been coined as a ’30-minute city’ because you can easily get from any of the main destinations in town to another in half an hour or less, due to low traffic and efficient public transport. This is a well-planned city, with the streets in sensible grids.

Another draw is the vineyards. Adelaide is surrounded by some of Australia’s best vineyards. That’s good news for wine lovers, and great news for anyone considering applying for a visa to work in the harvest. Irish citizens can apply for a working holiday visa, which allows the holder to work for short stints in specified industries, including agriculture. In October 2018, the age limit for the Australia working holiday visa for Irish citizens has been extended from 30 to 35 years.

If you are moving to Adelaide, you don’t have to leave your prized possessions behind if they don’t fit in your suitcase. Shipping to Australia from Ireland is easier and more affordable than most people realise. While you can leave all your winter gear behind, you might want to take camping equipment, beach things, furniture and other personal possessions with you if you are staying more than a few months.