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Shipping to Ireland: Moving Before Brexit

With Brexit looming, some Irish people in the UK are packing up their lives and investigating their options for shipping to Ireland. Some people went when they were young and their worldly goods fit in a backpack. They’ve settled down, launched careers, started families. Years later, they have homes full of furniture, dishes, sports equipment Read More >

They’ve Got it Made in Adelaide | Moving to Adelaide, Australia

Many people moving to Australia are going for a specific job, and thus don’t have a choice about where in the country to live. But students going to study in Australia and anyone going on a more flexible visa should really consider the city of Adelaide. Overall, the rates of Irish people moving to Australia Read More >

Three Tips for Dealing with Homesickness

Arguably, the Irish are the most homesick people in the world. We’ve settled nearly everywhere, and the proof of this is not dusty old census records. It’s Irish pubs and cultural organization and St. Patrick’s Day parades that show that our sense of identity persists for generations after we leave this island. If Irish immigrants Read More >

Preparing to Go – Decluttering before You Are Emigrating from Ireland

If you are considering or have decided to move overseas – or even to move across town – the thought of packing up your personal belongings can be very stressful.  Moving house is one of the most stressful life events, even if we are looking forward to the move.  The key to staying sane when Read More >

Spratt granted Certified Haulier status by the IAA

During the summer, after several months of work, IIFA Full Trading members Spratt Transport Services were granted Certified Haulier status by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). This is a significant achievement for this independent Irish airfreight transport provider. Freight agents based in Dublin, and indeed across Ireland, utilise Spratt Transport Services for their transport requirements Read More >

Working Abroad For The Summer…?

It’s that time of year again when many young people are contemplating escaping the dreaded Irish summer by moving abroad to sunnier climes for the season . With so many short-term employment opportunities in exotic places such as mainland Spain, the Canary Islands,  Greece, Australia & The United States,  it’s easy to see why the Read More >

Embassy Diplomatic Mail And Cargo Services

Spratt Personal Shipping have been providing an embassy handling service since the 1990s. By liaising with various airlines at Dublin Airport we guarantee embassies the safe delivery of their diplomatic mail and shipments. We facilitate the transport of packages irrespective of direction or destination. As an airfreight approved company, Spratt are the ideal choice for Dublin based Read More >