Top Packing Tips for International Shipping

Packing is one of those life skills that everyone should learn. Knowing how to pack efficiently so your items are secure, easy to carry and take up minimum space is helpful whether you are going on holidays or moving overseas. When you are sending your belongings to a new home via personal shipping, a few tips can make every aspect of packing – and unpacking – much easier. 

Top Packing Tips for International Shipping
  1. Balance the weight.

Remember, even with door to door shipping, you will need to carry your boxes at some point. If you are packing heavy items such as books or kitchen equipment, don’t fill a whole box with them. Pack a third to half of a box with the heavy items, then fill the box with lightweight items that can’t be crushed, such as pillows or winter coats. If you need to include more fragile items, protect them by putting them in small, sturdy boxes with lots of packing material.  

  1. Label each box. 

Every box should have your name, contact details and destination, but it also helps to make some note of what is in the box. If you are moving most of the contents of your home, vague labels such as ‘kitchen’ or ‘clothes’ might be frustrating. Be as specific as possible – ‘pots and pans’ or ‘Sarah’s work clothes’ will make life easier upon arrival. You’ll be busy seeing up your new household and simple things can take longer than you expect in a new country.

  1. Use linens as packing material. 

You don’t have to buy packing material. You can use any towels, sheets, blankets and even clothing you are taking instead. It’s eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Win-win! Just don’t use delicate, easily damaged clothing.

  1. Don’t skimp. 

Moving is expensive, so it is tempting to cut corners on your international shipping by re-using old boxes from the grocery store or tape you already have around the house. But it is a false economy because the risk of a box breaking open is too high. Protect your items in transit by using sturdy boxes and quality packing tape. The eco-friendly option is to invest in reusable boxes or check your local charity shops for old suitcases.

  1. Protect fragile items. 

Wrapping up fragile items is important – and fairly obvious. But many movers have learned the hard way it isn’t always enough. Tape the padding around the item and label it fragile. When you are unpacking after a long trip, feeling exhausted, jet lagged and generally overwhelmed, it is too easy to handle things carelessly – especially if you are digging through boxes looking for something you need for your first day at work. 

Moving overseas can be overwhelming, but the experts here at Spratt Personal Shipping strive to make it as easy – and affordable – as possible. If need an international shipping quote or have any questions about sending your belongings overseas, don’t hesitate to contact us.