What Is Excess Baggage Shipping?

What Is Excess Baggage Shipping?

Airlines have dramatically reduced the amount of baggage passengers can take with them in recent years. Once upon a time, you could check in a couple of large bags and take a carry-on with no extra charges, but those days are long gone. So what can you do when you need to take more than the airlines will allow? Are you stuck just paying through the nose for your extra luggage? Happily no. You can use excess baggage shipping. That is when you use a personal shipping service instead of the airline for any baggage the airline would charge you extra to bring. 

International shipping from Ireland includes air freight and surface freight, which includes both road and sea. The type of excess baggage shipping you choose depends on how quickly you need your items and your budget. If you’re leaving Ireland with loads of gifts for friends and family overseas or stocking up for the rest of your study abroad year, you might not be in a mad hurry and surface shipping can save you money. But if you need things quickly, then air shipping is probably your best bet.

Door to Door International Shipping from Ireland

One of the big advantages of using a personal shipping service is that the shipping company can collect your excess luggage from your home in Ireland and deliver it to your door at your destination. You don’t have to haul it across the country or go collect it from an airport or seaport. That can save you time and petrol, both of which are very valuable! There are a few exceptions around the world, but unless you are heading far off the beaten track, Spratt Personal Shipping can offer door to door services. We can collect your shipment from your door anywhere in Ireland.

Excess baggage shipping can also take a lot of stress out of travel. You can even opt to go with just carry on luggage and spare yourself the hassle of checking in your suitcases and waiting for them at the luggage carousal. 

What Kind of Luggage Can You Send via Personal Shipping Services?

Another advantage of using excess baggage shipping instead of checking your luggage in at the airport is that you can pack it in whatever works best without worrying about restrictive size or weight limitations or how you will carry it. You can use suitcases or shipping trunks of any size. Or if it works better, you can pack your items into a plastic or cardboard box. Fragile items should be padded securely, and you should avoid using old cardboard boxes from the grocery store that might be damp or have traces of food in them. 

If you want more information about how international shipping from Dublin can make your next journey abroad easier, why not contact Spratt Personal Shipping Service? We have decades of experience with excess baggage shipping and can explain in detail how it works, what your options are, and what the most affordable option is.