Travel Mexico on Your Motorcycle

If the weather has you yearning for a nice, dry place for some two-wheeled adventure, Mexico might be just the place. Nothing feels cooler than exploring the land of the Aztecs and Mayans with the sun splitting the stones around you as the breeze from your own speed hits you. Fantastic scenery, ancient history, magical culture and mouth-watering food await you in the southernmost part of North America. And yes, you can bring your bike. Shipping it from Dublin with us is possible but requires some planning. You need to get Mexican insurance for it and go through some bureaucracy, but it is doable. Irish citizens can enter Mexico for 180 days as tourists.

Spring is a perfect time to ship your motorcycle from Dublin and visit the coast in Mexico. It’s less humid and the risk of tropical storms is low. Autumn is a better time for a visit inland. It can be very rainy from May to September inland, and also quite hot.


Mexican cuisine is reason enough to visit. Crunchy tortillas and tacos, savoury burritos and spicy salsa and guacamole are the obvious options. Be warned that once you’ve tried fresh salsa and guacamole in Mexico, you’re going to struggle not to sound like a travel snob when you come across the options available in Ireland! Mole is a sauce, and trying it is definitely an essential part of the Mexican experience. It’s a savoury, spicy sauce made with chocolate and put on a variety of dishes including chicken.

Let the Motorcycling Adventures Begin

If you’ve decided to ship your motorcycle from Dublin, prepare for adventure. The joy of seeing Mexico by motorcycle is the scenery and the culture, not the roads. Watch for potholes and broken surfaces. You can also expect the occasional military checkpoint, but as long as you are not carrying anything dodgy such as weapons or drugs, this should be smooth sailing. Distances in North America are on another scale than Ireland, so keep an eye on your fuel gauge to avoid getting stranded.

What should you see? Baja is an excellent part of Mexico for a motorcycle adventure. (Don’t be confused by the full name Baja California. It is in Mexico, not the US state of California.) It’s on the coast, and it includes mountains. So it ticks the boxes for natural beauty. It’s not too remote but you can find wild places. At more than 1,200 kilometres, it is the second longest peninsula in the world.

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If you want to spend time lazing on the beach and exploring the ocean, consider Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of on the peninsula. Postcard pretty beaches, vibrant nightlife and a lot of tourist amenities make this spot hard to resist. You might spot some amazing sea life while diving or some American movie stars while dining.

La Paz is on the California Gulf side of Baja. Trade your bike for a kayak and explore the pastel pink cliffs and azure waters of Espiritu Santo, which is part of a Unesco World Heritage site. Back in the city of La Paz, the houses are just as colourful. Don’t miss the vibrant Malecon waterfront.

Baja, like much of Mexico, is full of wonders such as old missions, intriguing caves and cliffs, beautiful beaches and stunning wildlife. Seeing it by motorcycle is an unforgettable experience. And you can see it on your own bike if you opt for shipping from Dublin. Talk to us at Spratt about how to prepare your motorcycle to be safely shipped from Dublin to Mexico.