3 Ways to Earn Abroad

While many of us yearn to see the world, few of us have a fortune at hand to fund our global adventures. The odds of a winning Lotto ticket or a surprise inheritance bankrolling your world travel are poor. Despite this, you have another option. It’s possible to earn abroad and pay as you go. Whether you want to spend a year or two in one dream destination really getting to know the culture or you dream of touring the world and seeing many countries, it is possible – with lots of research and advance planning – to work abroad and earn as you go. Keep reading to learn the three main ways to do it.

Money Abroad

  1. Temporary, Seasonal Work – Australia offers the opportunity to travel and do agricultural work. Different countries need extra, short term labour at different times. If you fit the requirements for a visa, you can find something somewhere. Of course, within the European Union you don’t need a visa. The possibilities range from harvest grapes in wine producing regions to teaching English at summer schools to working at tourist destinations. These types of jobs often don’t in themselves offer a lot of career advancement, but employers will be impressed with your initiative and resourcefulness when you get back home.
  2. Digital Nomad – Want to see it all? If you have a high threshold for risk, consider a form of self-employment that allows you to work anywhere with a wifi connection. We think of writers and visual artists travelling for inspiration, and today content writers and bloggers can easily work remotely. So can software and app developers, virtual assistants, consultants, accountants, and life coaches. If you have expertise to share and the skill to teach or coach, you can do it remotely. Tutors, parenting coaches and others can work with clients around the world, as long as they have a common language and a reliable internet connection. 
  3. Professions without Borders – Some careers are built on skills that are the same globally. Doctors, nurses, builders, landscapers and academics all have expertise that will serve them anywhere they can go. Some building trades don’t translate 100%, but others do. Electricians and plumbers have to learn the specifics of the systems wherever they go, but carpentry is more universal. The trick here is learning where there is a shortage of the expertise you have. Some very niche professionals can find work abroad because their knowledge is so specialized, even in fields without many recognized qualifications. Some Irish horse trainers have found work in the USA and Australia, for example.

Earn Abroad

To earn abroad can mean many different things. Much depends on your skills, qualifications and goals. If you want to earn enough to live on while you explore the world, seasonal agricultural work might suit. Some people want to spend a few years somewhere with a low cost of living that will serve as a base to explore a new corner of the world. If you want to further your career in surgery, a year overseas is almost a requirement.

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