Using Excess Baggage Shipping for Your Holidays

Air travel is increasingly stressful, but excess baggage shipping can make your journey through the airport much easier. Airlines have strict rules about the size and weight of your bags, and they charge quite a lot considering the number of suitcases that don’t make it to their destination at the same time as the passengers who own them. Major American airlines lost or mishandled more than two million bags between January and September of 2022.

If you are travelling abroad with more than a carry-on bag, you can make your journey easier by using personal shipping services to send your luggage.  Maybe you are visiting a loved one living overseas and bringing a supply of their favourite tea, crisps and chocolate from home. Or perhaps you are working abroad for the summer and need lots of clothing or even some camping gear or sports equipment. Whatever the reason, airline checked bag limits and charges can be a problem. But the solution is to use excess baggage shipping to send your belongings via a trusted international shipping company.

Many people find it a better option to send their luggage with a personal shipping company instead of carrying it themselves. It makes it easier to get through the airport and saves time waiting in queues. And of course, it means you don’t have to stand at the luggage carousel waiting for bags that might not arrive. Travelling with multiple suitcases can be especially stressful if you have to make a connecting flight and don’t have the option of checking your bags all the way through to your destination.

Using Excess Baggage Shipping for Your Holidays

How to Send Excess Baggage with an International Shipping Company

You can use suitcases or shipping boxes to send your items. When you are phoning for freight quotes, it helps to have an idea of the dimensions and weight of the parcels or suitcases you are sending. It’s always a good idea to contact three companies for shipping quotes, and to ask plenty of questions about their experience and your options regarding air versus surface shipping.

Pack your items carefully. Clothing, towels and bedding make excellent packing materials if you are sending anything fragile such as gifts. Label each box with your contact details and its destination. Talk to your preferred international shipping company to determine the best time to send your items. You can generally send them before you leave and they will arrive after you do, but the details depend on where you are going and whether you use air or surface shipping.

If you are looking for an easier way to bring your belongings overseas this summer for a holiday or a job, give us a call. We can review your options and the prices so you can see which way makes sense for you. If international travel is stressful for you, you can leave your bags with us for safe and secure shipping. You won’t have to worry about them. Spratt Personal Shipping has experience bringing excess baggage safely all over the world.