Overseas Shipping Options: Your Guide on Door-to-Door, Door-to-Port, or Port-to-Port


When you are getting a shipping quote, you have a few options for where exactly your shipment is going. Depending on your destination, you can choose door-to-door overseas shipping, door-to-port, or port-to-port. Spratt Personal Shipping offers a door-to-door service throughout Europe as well as many other locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, India, and Pakistan. The choice is yours.

When you are talking to international shipping companies, be sure to ask if the price covers the shipment being collected from your home in Ireland and delivered to your new home abroad. The shipping quote can be higher for door-to-door international shipping.

What exactly do the terms door-to-door shipping, door to port shipping and port to port shipping mean?

Door to Door International Shipping – Your shipment is collected from wherever you are in Ireland and delivered to the door of your new home abroad.

Door to Port International Shipping – Your shipment is collected from your home in Ireland and delivered to the port (sea, air, etc.) closest to your new location.

Port to Port International Shipping – Customers bring their shipments to international shipping companies, which then deliver them to the destination port.

Delivering to Your Door or Nearest Port: Which Is Best In Overseas Shipping?

In most situations, delivery directly to your new home is best. But what if you don’t have your new home yet? What if you are in a hotel or someone else’s home when your shipment arrives? Sometimes people find their new home while their shipment is in transit – so they don’t know where they’ll be when they send it. In those types of situations, door to port delivery is helpful. You can collect your items at the port and bring them to a convenient storage facility until you are settled in a new home.

Shipping from door to port can also be an effective way to keep your overseas shipping cost down. If you get a shipping quote that isn’t in your budget, ask about having your shipment delivered by sea or land (not air) to the port nearest your destination. It can add extra tasks for you to do, but it can also save money.

If you are talking to international shipping companies about having your items delivered to the port, you also need to talk to the relevant authority for that country about the process of collecting your items and clearing customs. Ordinary household goods should not be difficult, but if your shipment includes items of high monetary value, tools for your work, or anything that could be considered dangerous such as a weapon, it might be more complicated.

At Spratt Personal Shipping, we are always happy to talk to you about how to keep your overseas shipping cost low. We can give you shipping quotes for door-to-door and door to port, as well as surface and air overseas shipping, to help you find the best way to ship your belongings.