Affordable Personal Shipping Helps You Work from Anywhere


One of the many things the world has learned during this awful COVID-19 pandemic is that a lot of jobs can be done remotely from home. The technology is here. It was only the attitudes that needed a nudge. Is the next lesson that we can work effectively from anywhere with a good, reliable internet connection? And can we use affordable personal shipping to bring a bit of home with us?

The idea is gaining momentum. Even before the pandemic, high housing costs and a desire to see the world drove some people to work on the go. Digital nomads are people who seize the opportunity of being able to work anywhere they can connect to the internet by combining travel and work.

Estonia, Iceland, and Israel have developed programmes for digital nomads. Now two more counties have hopped on this bandwagon by creating villages designed for digital nomads. Portugal’s Madeira Islands opened a dedicated digital nomad village earlier this year, and another is set to open just outside Zadar on the coast of Croatia. With affordable personal shipping from Ireland, you can bring clothes, camping gear, sports equipment and more from home.

Mobile Work from Madeira

The regional government of Ponto do Sol on Madeira’s southern coast works with housing companies to offer furnished flats on a monthly basis. Other housing options are being developed too. Being part of the digital nomad community there also means you have free access to a workspace that includes internet access, a desktop and a chair in the town centre.

Zooming in from Zadar, Croatia

Two resorts on the coast of Croatia are working together to offer a range of accommodation to digital nomads from sites for campervans to three-bedroom apartments. They also provide free wifi and workspace. The location is a half-hour walk from Zadar city. Before the doors opened, the village had received 90 applications from 22 countries.

Life as a Digital Nomad

These new villages are part of a broader plan that generally includes efforts to create a community. Social events, co-working spaces and clustered housing allow people to develop a work-life balance by making it easy to meet people and travel around the area. It also provides support to local businesses in areas that can be very quiet outside the tourism season.

Part of the beauty of having a home-away-from-home base is that you can settle in for a period of months. You can ship some home comforts and enjoy the best of both worlds. Send your bedding, towels, clothing, kitchenware, sports equipment, camping gear and much more from home and reunite with it in your digital nomad village.

Spratt Personal Shipping offers a door-to-door affordable personal shipping service. We can collect your boxes from anywhere in Ireland and deliver them to your accommodation in a digital nomad village. You don’t have to make do without some of the staples of your daily life just because you’ll be abroad for a few months!