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What To Expect From Car Shipping Companies

If you are searching for ‘car shipping companies near me,’ you are probably making an international move this year and wondering how to bring a familiar, reliable vehicle with you.  Having your own car when, or soon after, you arrive means you start off with a level of independence and the ability to explore without Read More >

3 Ways to Earn Abroad

While many of us yearn to see the world, few of us have a fortune at hand to fund our global adventures. The odds of a winning Lotto ticket or a surprise inheritance bankrolling your world travel are poor. Despite this, you have another option. It’s possible to earn abroad and pay as you go. Whether you want Read More >

A Very Quick History of Irish Immigration to the USA

The number of Americans claiming Irish ancestry is now larger than the number of people in Ireland. The journey from Ireland to the United States of American is a well-worn path, and the history of immigration to the USA from the time of that state’s founding to the present day is reflected in the experiences Read More >

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping

If you are moving to another country where people drive on the left, such as Japan or Australia, you might be considering shipping your car from Ireland. With so many bureaucratic details to take care of, it is easy to forget you also need to know how to prepare your car for shipping overseas. It Read More >

One In Six Irish People Now Living Abroad

A recent study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that one in six Irish people are now living abroad as emigrants. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Ireland ranked the highest out of all countries included in the study. The findings, which were measured over a twelve-month period leading up to April 2015, found Read More >