Can You Send Formal Clothes in Overseas Shipping?

Can You Send Formal Clothes in Overseas Shipping?

Most of the time, international shipping for clothing is pretty simple. You just pack your clothing into a box or suitcase, and off it goes. You can even use clothing to pad other items in a box to save on packing materials. But formalwear is entirely different. If you are looking to shipping a bridal gown, a groom’s tuxedo, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s suits or any other type of formal clothing, it needs a special approach for overseas shipping.

You will need the following for international shipping for formal clothing:

·         A quality hanger

·         A garment bag of the right size, preferably the one it came in

·         Plenty of acid-free paper

·         A box just large enough to fit the dress, but not too big

·         Packing material such as bubble wrap

How to Pack a Formal Dress

Formal dresses can be very fragile. It’s important to pack them in a way that protects any details such as lace, ribbons, bows, buttons and other embellishments as well as delicate fabrics such as silk.

First, place the dress on a hanger and fold the sleeves over the bodice, placing acid-free paper between the sleeves and the dress. Lay the garment bag on a clean table or bed, and line the back of it with acid-free paper. Place the dress inside the bag, and add a layer of acid-free paper on top of it. Carefully zip the bag closed. Line the box with packing material and place the garment bag inside it without folding the dress. Add more packing material and seal the box closed. The garment bag shouldn’t be able to move around in the box during its overseas shipping voyage.

Can You Send Formal Clothes in Overseas Shipping?

How to Pack a Tuxedo

This is a very similar process, although you generally have to worry less about embellishments and extremely delicate fabrics. Put the suit on a hanger, and place it carefully into its garment bag. You can put the shirt inside the jacket, with the shirt sleeves inside the jacket sleeves. Fold the sleeves at the shoulder over the body of the jacket, taking care to keep them straight and unwrinkled. If you are including a bow tie, tie, ascot or cravat, wrap it carefully in acid-free paper and add it to the garment bag.  Zip up the garment bag with care to avoid catching any material or paper. Line the box with packing material, add the garment bag and then add another layer of packing material. The goal is to ensure the garment bag doesn’t slide around inside the box.

Whether you are moving abroad or traveling for a special event such as a destination wedding, international shipping for clothes can make your journey less stressful. You won’t have to worry about an airline losing your formalwear or about it being damaged in flight by being folded or otherwise mishandled. When you use overseas shipping, you can send your dress to an address at your destination or collect it at the port.

If you are interested in international shipping for clothing, contact us at Spratt Personal Shipping and we can explain all the details.