How to Take Your Motorcycle Abroad with International Shipping Companies

How to Take Your Motorcycle Abroad with International Shipping Companies

Ever dreamed of riding the open road in exciting new places? Moving overseas for a job, study or retirement? Taking your motorcycle abroad can serve you in many different scenarios. It’s certainly easier than taking your car, especially considering that most countries drive on the right. But your motorcycle is another story entirely.

Using your own motorcycle to explore other countries has a lot of advantages. And it is a great way to commute in a new city. Why should you consider bringing your bike abroad?

·         It gives you flexibility to explore without worrying about transport schedules or routes. You go where you want when you want – without any of the hassle of sharing space on a crowded bus or train.

·         It’s cheaper and easier than transporting a car with international shipping companies.

·         While you absolutely must learn the rules of the road and ensure you are licenced and legal anywhere you operate your motorcycle, it isn’t as big an adjustment as driving a car in a new country.

·         It’s easy on fuel, meaning you save money and lessen your carbon footprint.

If you are planning to move overseas or take an extended trip abroad in 2023, why not bring your motorcycle? You can enjoy the comfort of a familiar set of wheels as you explore a new place and embrace new adventures.

How to Prep Your Motorcycle for Overseas Shipping

How to Prep Your Motorcycle for Overseas Shipping

Once you’ve researched the relevant laws in your destination and gotten some freight quotes from international shipping companies, it’s time to learn about preparing your motorcycle for shipping.

First, empty all of the storage spaces on your motorcycle. Anything left in there can decay or shift around causing damage in transit. Clean your bike completely before shipping to prevent rust or other problems.

Next, take it to your mechanic for a thorough check. You want to be very sure nothing is leaking, the tyres are properly inflated and the battery is charged up. Also, you want to be able to enjoy exploring without worrying that some part of the engine is on its last legs before you’ve settled in and found a good mechanic.

Don’t fill up the tank. You want it to be no more than a quarter full when it is loaded for shipping.

Do get a spare set of keys made in case your shipping company wants a set. Also, take a few photos to document the condition of your beloved bike before it sets sail.

Just as you wouldn’t let a mate with no experience head off on your trusty motorcycle, make sure you chose an overseas shipping firm with experience shipping motorcycles. These versatile vehicles have unique needs in transit, unlike a car or a bicycle. Don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions when you are getting freight quotes to ship the motorcycle.

Reliable, experienced international shipping companies such as Spratt Personal Shipping are happy to answer your questions. We understand that while we do this every day and have decades of experience, an overseas move is a once in a lifetime event for many of our customers.