Using Overseas Shipping for a Comfortable Retirement Abroad


When you are retiring abroad, personal shipping services let you bring some comforts from home. Yes, you will be diving into a whole new lifestyle. You’ll need new things, and you’ll be leaving behind a lot you won’t need in your new home. But you probably don’t want to abandon everything you own. The good news is that you don’t have to. You can use overseas shipping to send along the personal items you don’t want to go without.

What items are those? The answer will vary from person to person. It depends on your destination and your personal preferences. While you could send the entire contents of your current home via personal shipping services, that is not the most practical approach. Here are some points to consider as you weigh up what to sell, give away or throw out and what to pack up and include in your overseas shipping.

Deciding What to Bring with Personal Shipping Services

  • Clothes: What is the climate like? Odds are you will return to Ireland for visits, so it makes sense to keep some clothing appropriate for this climate. But if you are heading for sunnier shores, you certainly don’t need to bring all of your heavy jumpers. If you are retiring, ask yourself if you are likely to need your old work clothes. Maybe one or two suits, but many are happy to pass along that formal workwear when they retire.

  • Personal Items: This is likely to take up the bulk of your overseas shipping. Of course you want those precious photo albums, souvenirs, arts and crafts your children made and other sentimental items. You can probably pare down your less sentimental ornaments, but it is well worth the cost of using personal shipping services to keep the things that give you joy.

  • Home furnishings: Bringing furniture is expensive. For the most part, it makes sense to buy new furniture once you have a place abroad. But there might be a few items you would rather not part with. Your favourite chair, your wedding dishes, your familiar bedding and the like are nice to have in a new place.

  • Hobbies and Activities: You are probably looking forward to golfing, playing tennis, cycling or some other activities that require equipment. And replacing your familiar favourites can be expensive and force you to adjust to new equipment. Personal shipping services make it easy to keep the things you are comfortable using.

Retiring aboard is a fantastic adventure. It’s a time to embrace the new and different. But it does not mean you have to throw away everything familiar and comfortable. You can use personal shipping services to balance the best of both the new and the familiar. Culture shock and homesickness are real at all ages.  The comfort a few familiar things from home can bring is priceless as you settle into your new life.

For comparison purposes, a quote is always a good place to start. Our team can provide you with a quick quote for your personal effects shipment.