Best Boxes for Personal Shipping?

Best Boxes for Personal Shipping?

No matter what you are shipping, you need to ensure it is well-packed. Maybe it comes in a box that is suitable for the rigours of travel, but probably not. Whether you are sending a care package to a loved one far away or packing up and moving overseas, if you are sending something, you will need a good, sturdy box to get it there safely.

The key thing to understand about boxes for personal shipping is that you don’t want the freebies from the grocery store. They’ve already taken a beating, and they probably have some kind of food residue on them to boot – and that is likely to go from being a small stain to a patch of mould or a soggy hole in transit. So what does work for international shipping? You have some good options, actually, and the best one depends on your own situation.

Which Type of Shipping Box Is Best for You?

Any box you use to send items by air or surface freight needs to be strong and durable to protect its contents. And if it is easy on the environment, all the better. Here are some options to consider when you are packing for personal shipping.

·         Cardboard Box – A quality, corrugated cardboard box is a classic. If you get a good one, your items will be safe. Use strong packing tape to reinforce the bottom and seal the edges. You can recycle a cardboard box when you are finished with it.

·         Plastic Box – If you move regularly and have space to store them, plastic moving boxes can be a good investment. You can get them in a range of sizes, and they’ll protect your items. They are good choice for sending heavy items.

·         Suitcase – One way to reduce your impact on the environment is to reuse suitcases for personal shipping. They’ll be easy to carry when they reach their destination. You can sometimes find good ones for very little money at charity shops, or you can ask around and check your local freecycle pages.

·         Under-Bed Storage Box – You can indeed use quality under-bed storage boxes to ship things internationally. And it is more environmentally and financially responsible because you can use them in your new home. Be careful, however, not to overload them with heavy items.

Whatever type of box for personal shipping you choose, be sure to dispose of it responsibly when you are finished with it. Unless the box is damaged, it can be used again. If you have no plans to move or ship anything, you can offer it on a freecycle/ give and take group or donate it to a charity shop. You’ll be making things a bit easier for someone else who is moving.

Best Boxes for Personal Shipping?

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