How to Ship a Car from Ireland

It doesn’t always make sense to ship a car from Ireland when you are moving overseas. In most other countries, people drive on the right-hand side of the road and the cars are designed for this. But if you are moving to one of the other countries that drive on the left, you might be considering transporting your vehicle overseas. Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and India all drive on the left. So do many amazing islands that offer a tropical lifestyle, but maybe not as many options for replacing your car, including Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Fiji, and many others. Some countries in southern Africa also drive on the left, including Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Mozambique. Don’t be fooled by looking at the rest of Europe and North America. Nearly a third of the world’s countries drive on the left.

If you are considering shipping a car from Ireland to another country, the first thing to do is read up on the import laws of that country and confirm that they will allow it and what you might need to pay in the way of duties or other taxes. Only then can you calculate the true cost of transporting your car abroad and decide if it is worth it for you.

How to Ship a Car from Ireland

Shipping a Petrol or Diesel Car Overseas

If you are going to ship a diesel or petrol car overseas, you have to prepare the vehicle properly first. Here’s how.

  • Have your mechanic check your car thoroughly, looking for any problem that could get worse or cause problems in transit such as a leak or rust. Make sure your tyres are inflated correctly, and all fluids are topped up.
  • Clean your car completely. Remove anything that is removable, such as child seats, roadside emergency kits, anything hanging from the rearview mirror, etc. 
  • Wash the outside of the car too. 
  • Before you deliver your car to the international shipping company, make sure that the fuel tank is not more than quarter full. It is the one exception to the suggestion to top everything up because too much fuel can be a safety problem in transit.

How to Ship an Electric Vehicle Abroad

Preparing to ship an electric vehicle overseas is different, and it is important to check the regulations of your destination about electric cars specifically. You’ll also want to research what the charging situation is like in that country.  Some things are the same. You want the car to be very clean inside and out, and you don’t want to leave any personal items, child seats, etc in it. Your tyres should be properly inflated. But there are some big differences. When you are getting shipping quotes to transport your car overseas, make sure you state clearly it is an electric vehicle. Because of their battery, these cars are generally heavier and they require some special handling. Do make sure the battery is fully charged before shipping. You don’t want to be stuck with a dead or very low battery when your car arrives at your destination.

If you are interested in shipping any kind of vehicle – an ordinary petrol or diesel car, an electric vehicle, a motorcycle or moped – talk to the experts at Spratt Personal Shipping. We can review all of your options and give you a great quote.