Packing Your Kitchen for Overseas Shipping

Packing Your Kitchen for Overseas Shipping

If you are planning to make a one-way move to another country, you might want to bring some familiar items from your kitchen. Food is more than nourishment. It is comfort, and it is a wonderful way to introduce new friends to your culture. So what do you need to bring in your overseas shipping to recreate familiar dishes in a new place and what should you leave behind?

It’s easier to list the things that you should not ask Dublin shipping companies to transport. Your electrical appliances won’t work in other countries except for the UK. And if that’s your destination, you have to consider that the cost of shipping large, heavy items such as a fridge or cooker is rarely worthwhile. Smaller electronics might be a crucial part of your routine right now, but in a different climate, you might or might not use them. Regardless, it isn’t safe or practical to run them on an adapter. It is much better to purchase a local alternative.

What Should You Bring from Your Kitchen?

While you should leave your kettle behind, it makes sense to bring your favourite tea. And of course you’ll want your favourite biscuits to go with it. (New, sealed packs are the rule here.) Here are some other things that are worth the space in your overseas shipping – and some to consider. Don’t assume something is going to be easy to find in other countries just because it is nearly universal in Ireland!

·         Kitchen Scales – If your favourite recipes involve weighing ingredients, your kitchen scales will get plenty of use in your new home. And it won’t take up much room in your shipment. Do remember to take any batteries out before you pack it!

·         Tea Towels – Of course you can get new ones, but you can use your current favourites to wrap fragile items instead of buying packing paper.

·         Table and Chairs – This depends on how important yours are to you, what the quality is and how they will fit in your new home. Do you have the measurements of the room where they’ll go? Would it be very expensive to replace them with a new set of similar quality? They take up less room than one might think in a shipping container.

·         Kitchen Dresser – This really is the same as the table and chairs. If your have glass in the door or glass shelves, that complicates things because you have to protect that in transit.

·         Pots and Pans – These usually travel well. If you have a quality set and enjoy cooking, it makes sense to bring them.

·         Cooking Utensils – If you’ve invested in professional quality knives or simply love your set of cooking tools, absolutely you can take them in your overseas shipping. Ensure they are completely dry and wrap them well.

·         Dishes and Glassware – These are fragile, but again it depends. Is it a set you got as a wedding gift or an assortment of pieces you’ve gathered randomly over the years? The key thing is to wrap them very, very carefully and mark the boxes fragile.

When you are calling Dublin shipping companies for quotes, it helps to explain exactly what you are sending so they can estimate a weight and cost. Take the time to review what you will and won’t bring, then give us a call at Spratt Personal Shipping and we’ll explain all the options for getting your items to your future home quickly and safely at a price that’s in your budget.