Should International Shipping Companies Provide Pick & Pack Services?

With all of the constraints placed on trade during this ongoing pandemic, every company at every step of creating and selling products has serious incentive to review how they operate. We all need to streamline and do as much as possible online. This is a time to get creative and see how your company’s logistics can be improved. But what is the role of international shipping companies in this? We need to step up to, in order to help ensure that products get from manufacturers to retailers in the safest and simplest way while also being cost-effective and environmentally responsible. One key question to address is whether or not international shipping companies should provide pick and pack services.

Are wholesalers better off in these times sticking with their own warehouses for products they have imported or had shipped from within Ireland? Or would they benefit from using international shipping companies that can provide a secure warehouse and pick and pack services?

Spratt Transport offers a comprehensive logistics and order fulfilment service for wholesalers. We can collect your shipment from the airport or port, or anywhere in Ireland, bring it to our secure warehouse in Santry, unpack it and store it. Then when you receive orders from your customers, we can pick, pack and ship them. Does this benefit wholesalers? Yes! Here’s how.

How Pick, Pack and Ship Services Benefit Your Company

Your company can reap meaningful benefits from using international shipping companies for a complete service from the point where your order is ready for you to the time you ship it onward to your customers.

  • Simple and Streamlined: Working with one company for every step of your logistics from receiving your order to forwarding it to your distributors means less hassle for you. You don’t have to worry about two companies outside your own getting their wires crossed.
  • Secure: Our facility is completely secure. Your products will be safe in our warehouse. Not all international shipping companies have experience with warehousing, but we do.
  • Better for the Planet: When shipments go directly from the airport or port to our warehouse and then directly to your distributors, that often means they travel less. And that means fewer emissions and less fuel used.
  • Cost-Effective: While we all want to save the planet, we all need to save money too. And the less time you spend dealing with multiple logistics and warehouse providers, the more you save. Smaller companies often aren’t operating at a scale that allows them to have their own warehouse and picking and packing staff. Using ours is a cost-effective solution for small to medium Irish businesses.

Learning how to get the most of international shipping companies can pay off for your business. If you’re interested in streamlining your logistics, talk to us about how we can save you time, hassle and money by receiving your goods, storing them in our secure warehouse and picking and packing orders for your customers.