Parcel Delivery Services for Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day abroad can be different from what we’re used to in Ireland. During these trying times, with more parades being cancelled all over the world, we can still make sure our loved ones overseas receive some of our thoughts by using parcel delivery services to send some authentic Irish goodness to them.  Whether it is a young relative or friend studying abroad or cousins who were born and are growing up in another country, they are sure to love a delivery of Irish treats for St. Patrick’s Day. You can choose between air freight or sea freight to get your goodies to their destination anywhere in the world, whether you are shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Brazil, Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

People of all ages and all identities love being Irish for a day, and some genuine treats from Ireland are a great way for your loved ones overseas to introduce their friends to their culture. It can be especially exciting for people in places without a large Irish community, but really nothing beats a gift box from home even for folks in London or Boston. Parcel delivery services are an affordable and safe way to get your package to its destination. Pricing depends on the size, weight and delivery option (air, road, sea freight) required. That means you can plan to get your items there within your budget.

Whenever you use parcel delivery services, it is important to check the regulations about what can be sent to the country in question and follow the rules carefully.

What to Put in Your Paddy’s Day Parcel

The world is so global now that many things you might have sent a decade ago are now easily available everywhere, but not everything! Some things really are so uniquely Irish that a package from home is the best way to get them. Beyond that, nothing tells family and friends you care like a parcel of carefully selected treats. So what can you put in this Patrick’s Day care package?

  • Tea: even brews marketed as ‘Irish breakfast tea’ in other countries rarely taste like the real deal. Most of us have a favourite brand, and it’s an easy way to brighten the next 40 or 80 mornings for someone.

  • Biscuits and Cakes: every place in the world has its own distinct baked treats, and nothing says home like your favourite sweet snack. Store-bought goodies in their original packaging will get through customs just fine in most places, but always double-check. Homemade fare can be more complicated, and it also won’t stay fresh as long.

  • Local Newspaper: the online editions just don’t have all the news. Sending an issue of the local paper gives them a fun way to relax and catch up on all the little things that make their hometown so special.

  • Sweets: different countries have their own approach to chocolate making. Shipping chocolate to the USA or Canada is sure to be a hit because the sweets there taste very different.

  • Local Brands: what is their hometown famous for? Is there a lovely soap or hand cream made in their county that they might miss? Candles, knitwear and toys are also lovely ways to send a piece of home to anywhere in the world.

  • Crisps: yes, they can probably get crisps locally, but like with tea, people tend to be quite passionate about their favourite brand. Crisps weigh very little, so you could even send a variety and let them have a taste test for fun with their local friends.

Wherever your loved ones are this Paddy’s Day, you can use Spratt’s reliable parcel delivery services to send them a little piece of home.